Dont hunt us silly humans, we are mot evil or whatever, why would you hunt us anyway
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No kidding, I mean, we're not evil, but that doesn't mean we're friendly, sure a lot of us are crazy and antisocial, but why wouldn't we be? With people hunting us we have to be a little crazy sometimes, how else do we keep ourselves safe?!

And if I may hunt u what will u do

Well I will ONLY hurt you if you hurt me or my family so of u don't we can be friends😊😊😊😊😊

Because he's an idiotic human

Wow it looks like every one on here are obviously not a real vampire and why would you hunt vampires we do not kill or eny thing like that. You are very stupid children playing games

dont drink blood silly vampires, its not healthy or whatever, why would you drink it anyway

Welcome to the real world! every hunter is watching you! Never feel safe.. We will strike when you least expect

Your very selfish why is it ok for us humans to kill humans but not ok for vampires to hunt us? Dontcha think its way past your bedtime to be playing selfish fake idiotic stupid human? Coming from a human you must be super lame!!!!!

if you think vampires are friendly and not dangerous you are not a vampire.

if you come after me or my family be ready for a fught

Mam, To survive a vampire hunter you can't Fught, You need to Fight!

yes i know i need to FIGHT did not realize i had misspelled it

And you need to have more skill of 6 years of training.

Sorry if that is understandable, I am mild dyslexic

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