I don't care if you believe me or not, that your call your entitled to ones own opinion. So with that said I will say what I want.

I'm a fifth generation vampire hunter, my family and I are very highly trained, my father trained me and my brother. You vampires or werewolf's need to understand that this world is not for you, this world is for humanity. I know some of you vampires and werewolves are planning on taking control, but you will not get the chance not as long as I have anything to say about it. Now I know most of you vamps and wolfs on here are either poser or are true. I am also aware that not all of you wish to take control, this message is not for ALL of you, it is targeted to the ones who are planning to take over ( you know who you are.....don't even try denying it, it's written all over you sick face)
I mostly kill vampires than wolfs, its easier to put down a dog.

Your sick kind will meet its end soon enough so until them by all means express your hate down below in the comments. But to be honest if I was you
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I know a werewolf vampire hybrid and need help hunting! Her name is DarkWolf2 text me for more info!

U seem like a pathetic hunter to me.

U don't look like the type who would know of a new vampire. Kik msg me. Gothster.

Sounds like a bunch of crazy talk to me. And bigotry. Lots of bigotry. If vamps and werewolves truly existed in the same realm as us, it would be their world just as much as ours. If not more. This is a very dark, dense world... I think humans are the ones that don't belong. Light at the core, but so easily swayed to darkness, to the point where the infection festers and spreads like plague, destroying everything... Humans are the ones that should be wiped clean off the planet, and they will be soon. We'll see change within this century.
Nice job sounding scary though.:-)

I have no wish to hurt you or any other human. You share this world with other creatures, why not us?

Cuz rich ******* like him/her don't care don't worry I got ur back. >;)!

how exactly do you hunt them?

Where r u and can u kill a vampire for me?

One has been following me. And its really creepy. And one of my friends was killed recently by an "animal attack" with wounds to the neck