Am I a vampire? I do not know... I have all the symptoms of being a vampire, but I have no one to talk to who believes me. No one I know believes in vampires. But I crave blood so much... ever since I accidentally cut myself with a knife, then put it in my mouth, something kind of clicked. I began sucking my own blood. I'm typing this at 12:36 AM if that's another reason to convince anyone that I am at least part vampire. I hate the sun, I want to move out of Texas, but I'm not eighteen yet. I hate Italian food, I don't fit in with everyone at the high school (but maybe the goth kids), I hear things sometimes that no one else hears... Convinced yet? I need to get this all out; I don't care if I sound stupid. I have a good sense of smell, but I don't run fast. And again, I feel just so different from everyone around me. It's like I was born with a glitch in my brain... or the gift/curse of being born a vampire. Being a vampire could have its pros and cons. So I say it is a gift and a curse. My canine teeth are unusually sharp, and when I bite my tongue (when I'm frustrated), Something feels funny, like venom flowing. My eyes shift from light brown to almost black... also to reddish brown. Food is okay, but I never salivate over my favorite pie. Okay, I am done. You don't have to like this, I didn't't write it to be liked. I wrote it to get my story out, so I wouldn't have to worry and think about t as much. Well, whatever. If vampires are real, and if they want to bite me... I'll be waiting.

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ill be happy to help u get through this and figure things out. just send me a message and ill help any and every way i can.

well do you have any compulsions? do you like garlic? do you feel murder isn't always wrong? Do you feel a need to feed on the very being of a person? Do you have any sort of "psychic twinkle"?

Interesting story, I don't know if vampires exist or not, I love the idea of being a vampire, and have done much research in Vampirism, ever since I was little I've always dremt about being a vampire, and even to this day I still day dream about it, I used to think the same thing could I be a vampire? or if there was any vampires out there would they be willing to turn me? I kinda know how you feel, I was always a loner in highschool, i've always disliked the sun, plus many other strange things that have accured in my life that couldnt be explained. just letting you know your not the only one out there to feel this way, and if you have any questions feel free to ask and i'll try to answer to the best of my knowledge, plus im always interested in learning new things about vampires, if you have anything to share.