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apparantly the following story I submitted long ago (I remember writing it but not when) and it`s not in any group, just an anomolous post. anyway, since this is clearly the group it was meant for....

I feed on the life energy of humans. I can feed off of anything living, including the planet, but only human energy sates my need. Even then it's often not enough, what I really need is blood. It's hard being so inhuman and knowing almost no one that you can even tell, let alone anyone who could understand you. I hope there are others out there like me. Being a vampire of course isn't all that sets me apart from the humans, but it's one of the big thins, I think. unless my bf is right and I really am a demon. Anyone out there a demon?


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Now I may not be a real vampire but I certainly do feel like I am at times, mainly due to dreams I have.

I'm half vamp and wolf. But I used to be a demon in a past life

used to be a demon? how does that work?

I am half vampire,werewolf,and demon


why would anyone hurt you? thats stupid, we aren't like that now. And yes I am a human. But I would never hunt someone. Thats like murdering anyone. It's just wrong. And I had a dream that there was going to be a plane crash into an airport. A few days later it happened. Onlt 1 person was killed (thankfully)

you're welcome. all you had to do was ask nicely

I appreciate your words.I respect that you took time to speak to me.

no one's hunting me because there's no one who would believes in me. that's the good part of the myths. back when people did believe in us they did hunt us. and just look at how humans treat different races and sexual orientations. clearly it's safer to remain a myth, safer for people to think we're crazy or role playing.A real vampire is a being with the need to feed on life energy on a level that can't be gained through eating food. they need either blood or direct energy that is drawn psychically. i believe it to be a spiritual condition but some people disagree. there are a few other things that go with being vampiric, but that is the mot imporant one. Without the hunger one is definatly not a vampire

I'm not scooting off any place..Answer any question.No? Instead You are scooting off. I would like to understand what it means to be a real vampire.Who is hunting you? I'm more then willing to listen and learn.

also, no, i'm no trying to make anyone into a believer. as i've said many times before on many boards, vampires as a people don't want you to believe in them. we're safer from your hunts this way

hello? we're not role playing. if you can't accept that you should scoot off to the I love RPG's group

I came into this group because I can. That's what we do here . Role playing is fine but to say you are Do you bite the necks of people? Fine and I hope they are willing to get bitten. Do you turn them into a vampire, as well? Will you live forever and in a coffin or in the dark? If you want to be understood then I'd love this explained to me. Are you ready to make anyone into a believer? What it like to live as a vampire in 2008?

Yes there are meetings and conventions.Role playing young people. I doubt if anyone will be in danger there. Have fun.

Aren't you a little old to be dissing something? I mean don't you have senior citizens day??

eeeew. why would i want to hang around a bunch of wannabes? vampires don't have conventions or religions or anything. And I'm clearly living. duh

there is no such thing as a vampire, you are a living person.Too many fakes looking for attention and acceptance.Go to a " vampire's "convention and have a reality check.

would th real demon plese stand up?!

oh really?

Yeah well... ima better vampire then you>=D