My Vampire Life

Im a vampire living in a small city I cant tell anyone  where I live for internet safty but I tell anyone what my life is about for as long as I can rember I was not normal but when I read on a website on how to tell if you are a vampire thats when I found out but now I have a lot to fear and a lot to lurn but I try not to drink blood so my mom and grandma dont find out but I cant hold out like this forever but I have found two vampire on IMVU 3d chat its ok but there are more humans on the site then vampires but Im making  a group called vampire den so vampires on that site can meet other vampires.

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Thats swell. Can I join.

ps, eat beef jerky, its an easy way to get blood. i suggest jack links,

I'm 15 and I don't know if that's the awaking hour. I was listening to iTunes and the song changed it wasn't even over and i didn't press the skip button isn't that a symptom. When ever electronics act funny for no reason? Please give me a reasonable answer please and I look the same age as I was 3-5 years ago. Meat makes me energetic so and when is see blood I feel funny.I don't know what that means or nothing. Sunlight is hotter than normal. Please I need some guidens

I believe im one too. And it's from my dads side of the family. Their like me to. Our souls are old - believe reincarnated. My dad mostly eats steak. My moms part Cherokee: we have spiritual powers. All the guys are full of energy, strength & very fast. I'm weak and docs say I have fibromyalgia and all the females on my dads side have it to. Our souls are old and I'm 34 but look 18. Alcohol ages us but non alcoholics still look 16-20. The sun hurts and I've never told no one my beliefs but I've been called a vampire my whole life. I don't know for sure that we are but the signs are all their. My paternal grandfather is from Germany. He was one of Hitlers prison guards. It sounds strange but everyone is unique and are what they are. Whether they want to be or not. Love your life, live your dream!

I want to find a vampire and hopefully if they feel generous enough, they will bless me with death or a new way of life turningme into a vampire. I hate my life. I hate being walked all over. I either want to be dead or to bbecome something else. Stronger. Please help me..

I want to become a vampire I'm 14 and had to go through so much already I just want a new life please text me if you get the time 9704672265 my name is Keri

i am Philippine guy

and i want to become a vampire

can you help me


i know can turn me

please turn me into a vamp

NO! being a vampire is a ****** life. trust me.
#1 u need blood (from food like steak Exr...) to not get sun b
#2 humans will annoy you once they find out. or be scared and tell every one
#3 if some people find out who u really are they might kill u (one can kill a vampire in anyway that might kill human, Guns, Poision and so forth.
#4 the good sence of smell is really bad you if your a middle school boy and do PE around a ton of non-deoderant smelling Humans.

and a lot more ,ued know what i mean if u were a vamp. Plus, I trying everything to become human at the moment.

i like be a vampire ...
if i be a vampire what will happend ???
if at fake ???

I have recently been very curious of vampires. Something makes me believe they are real. I have created a special bond with he idea. I enjoy the taste of my own blood. What should I do?

I am a vampire. I became one 3 months ago and I think it's awesome.

after what happened ?????????

Please help me become one

Shuurrrrree (you can't ""become"" a vampire, Its inherited)

I have been a 'vampire' for two years now. I live a healthy animal blood diet and on the rare occasion I indulge in human blood but I have never killed. I do have a question though, my fangs have started to hurt when I feed. Is that normal? I don't have anybody to talk to so I was really happy when I found this. If anyone knows why they hurt could you please respond. Thanks.

i want to become a vampire I've been through so much please help me get a new life 9704672265 text me

Idiot, my type never have Human blood (the bite u on the neck thing is a load of bull sh*t)
ur oviously a human. ( you can mix blood with a vamp to become one like blood brothers though)

it not a story but true i am vampire.i hate this life but i stuck.i want to know any way

Vampires are weak!
Puny creatures that have no life on earth!
One day we will destroy EVERY one of you, And make you pay for being abominations!

Haha! Thanks for that laugh. I just worked 15 days straight, I needed the stress relief.

If vampires are weak and puny, then "hunters" such as you claim to be would have no place in the world. Right?
I am not an abomination. I am exactly as our Creator intended me to be. As the lady gaga song says, "I was born this way".

Way to resurrect a thread that has been ignored for 5 months though.

lol he makes me laugh to

Is this for real people really think they are vampires

Yes it's for real

I don't understand I am an open-minded person but vampires like with fangs and all

Well the real vampires are not exactly like what you see on tv or in movies

Sir, Thank you for laughing at my post, But we have the upper hand

lol sir
is respect dude
love ur style tho
its sweet some still endear it

I'm a woman. And I'll say again, I was born exactly as our Creator intended me to be. Who are you to pass judgment on another? What gives you any authority over me or anyone else?

yes you were..and no one should judge anyone

how to become a vampire?

I believe vampirism is inborn. Some here agree while others disagree, and that\'s fine. it\'s a free internet

i agree it is inborn

**** You you **** sucking son of a ***** and go to hell

And you know what I admit it I a human just hoping i find the vampire to turn me but you have no ******* right to talk that way to a superior species. Besides what the **** you gonna do if i come to your house right now with a shotgun and blow your ******* head form your body.

What the **** are you gonna do with you ******* stick huuh?

Throw it at me and hope you hit me


And you know something bud if you ever touch a vampire. I will shoot you with ever firearm i have and i will not stop till i out bullets not in the gun but in my entire house.

you know whats gonna be left just little piece of flesh.

So just think about that next time. I may only be 15yr but i can kill.

Man I feel better

You know what you son of a ***** I fucken suck you dry and shoot you body to bits with every gun and all the shells that are in my house then im gonna put you remains in a brush grinder.

You know what you son of a ***** I fucken suck you dry and shoot you body to bits with every gun and all the shells that are in my house then im gonna put you remains in a brush grinder.

You make me laugh. U need to respect a Superior species or you may pay for your words.

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That's stupid vampires do not exist but if they did that would be a awesome I would always want to be one

If you say so. The kind immortalized on screens both large and small? No. Real life vampirism is so much more 'discreet' than that.

I use to think that I was part vampire, today I discovered I was an actual vampire. Because I found out I am dead. I died in the year 2011. I was 15 at the time. I have not aged a day. Before my accident death, I was able to walk in sunlight, now today the sun burns me. I am 16 now, but remained 15 cause I died when I am 15. I have 16 years of experience. Please if you want more info, just read my story I posted.

if you're 16 now and died at age 15, you have had 1 year of experience as a vampire, not 16

16 years of living on earth, but true, Yes one year of experience of being a vampire. I am not a holly wood vampire. I am a vampire that can live without blood, instead of blood, I eat meat. Same food group, but I believe drinking blood will make me heal a lot more faster, and the blood would make me a bit stronger as well. I am already strong enough to fend off any body, and strong enough to fend off wolves, but I wonder if were wolves exist, I think they do. cause I watching this show before and they had were wolf evidence, I am not afraid of were wolves, because I am part native American, and shouldn't I care some were wolf gene, cause I am mostly native American. but I consider my self more vampire than were wolf. I am telling the truth. And I am not a vampire fan either, so I don't watch those movies, but I am what I am. Sometimes it sucks, but sometimes it helps me.

yh they exist
and you want "fend them off" that easily

You really are?I can not believe it..but how could you live like that way?are you feel alone?Or feel power?

I am 27 and vampiric. It really doesn't give power, it drains power. My husband is my donor. It took me a long, long time to come to terms with blood hunger (seriously, I first became aware of it some 20 years ago as a child but wasn't comfortable with it until about 5 years ago) and accept it as a part of life.
If I don't consume small amounts of blood regularly, I go into depression, my whole body aches like the worst flu in the world, I get very sick to my stomach with symptoms similar to IBS, I get very lethargic, and I get the most unimaginable migraines. I have gone to multiple doctors and had all sorts of blood panels done and while some of my results come back as "slightly abnormal, but not enough to be of concern" no pills or treatments from the doctor has helped me. I consume blood to feel healthy and normal, to be like everyone else.
I am not immortal (thankfully), sunlight doesn't burn my skin but it does hurt my eyes, I am not a christian but crosses and crucifixes are just another piece of jewelry or decoration. I eat regular food and absolutely love garlic. I am not a goth and my favorite color is purple. Most of my family and friends know nothing about this aspect of my life. Any other questions, feel free to message me.

Your not a vampire, cause your not immortal, by the way. You must be a fail vampire, part of some weak blood line, no offence.

who are you talking to?

i do not believe in physical immortality

Your right not to it does not exist. Im a vampire as well and I age. As far as ive been able to tell I age at a normal rate just as a human would. Im healthier when fed but much sicker when I don't.

same here

messaage me and we can talk. my yahoo is on a thread below this one you can conntact me there to

Um hello vampires do not exist I do not believe u prove it
But if they did that would be sooooooo cool I luv vamps

I exist, and I live day to day with vampiric Hunger. I first became aware of it part way between 7 1/2 and 8 years old. Before you were born.... there was no internet, no cell phones. I lived with it without knowing a name for it for almost 10 years. Am I happy with the name? kind of.... It's cool, but honestly there are enough sensitive people around, we get weird looks from strangers enough already. I wish there was a less "stick in the mud" name than 'vampire' but I don't know one.
I also seek a less dark-side approach to the Hunger. I'm blessed with a loving donor. I was a flower child long before I first knew what Hunger wants and I never forgot dandelion bouquets. I'm a confessed new age hippie, intent on developing a "One-Earth" approach to my vampiric life, accepting that I Am as I was Created, and meaning it.

Oh.... and when you endure the gnawing Hunger for years with the accidental rare chance of a taste, it takes a serious and lasting toll on the psyche.

agreed. it surely does

He brandon u say u eat meat? what kind? and do you cook it first? also u say: U didnt knew that u were dead? how did u find out and did u stayed with your parents?

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what if your tots upsest with vampiers and evryone hates you then you shouldn't care and let you'r life be as you want it

I don't know what you mean by "tots"
If you need blood substitutes, a good, rich, dark chocolate of your choice is a nice alternative. Dark red wine or high cranberry content fruit juice works for many as well. *IF* you are in a stable, trusting sexual relationship with someone, then sexual fluids can serve as an ample substitute- technically, the proteins are nearly identical to blood. It depends on personal preference, trusting and respecting each other, and sometimes, willpower.

You can do an online search for other blood substitutes if you need to. There are loads of recipes.

Hey, I'm part vampire and I've been wanting to meet more friendly vamps so I can get in touch with my vampire side as well as I have with my wolf side. What's your IMVU username? If I can I would like to try and find the room when it's made

Please drop me a message sometime you seem legit. And id like to get to know you.

I can't. Either the age or your settings prevent me from doing so message me there.

Im only please ill get back to you when I get the message


Friendly vamps, haha. You got to be kidding me.

There's nothing wrong with being friendly :P

Friendly until threatened lol

Lol yeah, then we get REALLY scary...though most people find me scary before they threaten me soooo :D I'm good

Ill never shake that brooding "stay the hell away from me" aura no matter what I do lol

Lol I know right? It just seems to just happen.

It doesn't help that I always wear a black leather jacket and topsy(though most mistake it for a fedora) kind of an intimidating look.

Mine seems to be more of the way I stand, look at people, and the guys I hang out with. They aren't bullies or anything, they just know how to fight and we tend to hold ourselves in a way people seem to find intimidating :/

Think its the hands always open and ready to move in for a strike or a block.


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Listen no joking n0 playing no kid crap so if this isnt real im m0ving on to an0ther site just like i left 10 others... i dont wanna get old and i m0st definitly dont wanna die... i hate the thoght of watching my beautiful face and my body rott its digusting and i fear death i d0nt knw whats on the other side and i would l0ve to live a couple thosands years before i findout... so if your real contact me and I WILL COME TO YOU on my life

trust me, you couldn't live 500 years of this life. You dont get stronger after time you get weaker. You have to live in the dark, the sun hurts your skin. You turn pale, your eyes dry up very slowly, you can't tell anyone the truth, and if they find out theyll be mad at you forever for lying. You see all of your closest friends and family die and grow old in front of you, you have to move to another city, or a country afraid of people realizin you dont get old. You cant give your real name to anyone, knowing that people might remember your name from other times. Every night before the sun rises, you go to sleep, afraid tha t you wont wake, and every sundown you wake up to realize another pointless day, with no meaning, no truth, no love, and no one who understands. If you could live 500 years as a vampire, you would truly be special

Im 14 years old and I live in Sweden I want to become a vampire but what about the sun. I mean is their something I can do so I can be in the sun without getting burnt?!!! please I really need help!

A vampire is truly sensitive to the sun, but you can enjoy the warmth for about 10 to 30 minutes, (debends on your age as a vampire) before it starts burning. There is nothing you can do about it.

Hello, you can't just be a vampire. A vampire is born through a genetic mutation in the brain, which is causes by a crisis. Well that is the first phase at least.

I always wanted to be turned into a vampire. I am willing to accept the catches of being one, too.

Just don't let the blind and ignorant say you are not a vampire. Most chat sites I have visited have nothing but moody judgmental "posers" who rant and rave but show no support. It is like they all are on some continual emotional roller coaster that is about to fall off it's tracks. I hate the term "mythological" vampires have existed since before the time of the Pharaohs. And a government agency hunted REAL vampires from 1868-1975. But there are still those who choose to show their ignorant blindness and say it is all fake. No! They are fake! Vampire is a superior species to humans.

i am not a vampire but i really want that please tell me how you become a vampire

trust me, for you own, seak, there is nothing pleasing about being a vampire, all your emotions are heighten, and once your a new vampire, life is depressing and hard. To be a vampire, it's almost impossible, I think people are chosen to be vampires, how I am one, I don't exactly know why, how?

İ want to know u

and frist of all can vampires be real if no one has ever been found dead with no blood in them because if vampires are real i am sure that thay cant all be good...??.so some one tell me how that dosent happen at all

you people are crazy if you realy think vampires are real...the hole thing was started when i man whanted to get famuse so he made up a story about drakeula or how ever you spell it and then people started saying thay have seen a vampire or thay are one....and thzat brings you back to what you people are saying now...because i will never belive in a vampiore till i see one so right now i dont think thay are real........................

hy i DNt kNW I m a VAmp Or noT..BuT I lV TO be A vaMp........nD,,....i ReaLLy aGrEEe Dt vaMP REallY EXistS....<br />

I feel like i should slap you because of the way you type. I have met 6 years old with better grammar and spelling than you. Your not a vampire.

Why.......u wanna slap me actuallly i knw i am not a vampire what you think that vampire have gud grammer knowledge ........i dot thnk so...actually i used fb too mch so dts why .....i type tis kind of spellings......

I have be leaved in vampires all my life, i have always wanted to become one, i would do anything to become like most of you on hear, so if any of you could help me and tell me what the secret is i know getting bitten is one way but unfortunately i don’t know any vampires, so that’s why i'm here for help if anyone wants to talk email me on

there is a vampire spell that makes it to where you dont have to harm people

Liar it's a choice. The thirst is something you learn to control. You are a fool.

vampire den... thanks i will remember that!

those who live in such conditions, and are truley like us, are good. i have faith that you can controll yourself in a well suited mannor young one. if you wish, i can guide you. your choice. messige me if you are alright with such,

My name is Connor, my powers awakened 1 month ago. I am getting so weak, I don't know where to feed from. Which is better, Animal or Human blood? I really need help. Animal is easier for me and so is human. But I need to know which makes me stronger.

Human in my opinion.

human blood makes you stronger.

Text me I need help 9704672265

Hello i am doing a research paper for school on vampires and i was wondering if I could ask you a few questions for it.

You do not know a real life vampire ... That is not cool ... It's suffering, the pain ...<br />
People are not welcome in the life of a vampire ... for THEM to see blood ... which is enough for them ....<br />
Get away...<br />
لا تتدخل في حياتهم<br />

Im becoming a vampire and...I need help. I need to talk to a real vampire. Talk to me on facebook to help : If u dont wanna thats okay. I will just die. I NEED HELP!

Hello Trinipenny I consider myself a vampire, because I do not like the term vampire, but as vampires have skills, characteristics and powers, ..., I also I have the 99.5% of the features and powers of a vampire. If you want to speak with a "vampire" really, you can talk to me and if I can help you with whatever you need to give advice, or anything you want.
My email is:

Remember-what ever: Death is not the only thing more important than life itself. For me life is worth much more than everything you know, life and blood will never have money.

i whould like to ask somthing..i you are a vampire then i whant to now what whould kill you like dose the sun or crose hurt you..ect or is that all fake and realy nothing can because i dont think vampires are real because i have never seen one and if people have nown about them whouldent thay have killed them all because the vary frist vampire whould be vlad or drakula but it was a made up caricter so whouldent there be no vampires at all so can you explan that to me because i what to belive thay are real but nothing points to the existance of them...??????

sun doesnt kill, it just weakens. People did know that vampires existed, and they tried to wipe them out, but seriously, its like trying to kill every single rabbit on the planet. its an impossiple job. The first vampire was not Dracula, he was just the most famous one. According to legends, the first vampire was Lilith, The first wife of Adam as she is known

I am a true vampire and and killed 10 people in a club is better bullshit q porq will stop you are a prey to vampires really like us in Los Angeles there are dozens of vampires

I am a true vampire and and killed 10 people in a club is better bullshit q porq will stop you are a prey to vampires really like us in Los Angeles there are dozens of vampires

are we like sworn enemies cuz my boyfriend hates vamps. no vamp. in fact im ur counter part. im a werewolf chik. i wanna know . how come most of my species hates urs? or the other way around. my boyfriend hates vamps but i dont really hate them.

Howls moon My email is if you are seriously a were and want answers from a Vampires point of view please contact me.

im vampier i suck hamburger blood and i drink my period blood i love the taste of nickles

i am a vampire my friend is black and she is a vampire so there me and here drink our blood so we know were vampires so there it is real and my cousin me and my friend are also werewolves but i am not into to it as much is my cousin is also all of us are mermaids so we are very very cool and my friend is stuipid and he thinks he is a reindeer

WTH are u talking about? I hope you being sarcastic.

I think, there can't be people in this world who actually drink human's blood. Its impossible. I just don't believe them..

look I don't believe all of you <br />
I'm Muslim our faith is the truth <br />
so there isn't a thing like this

I am not vampire!=)

People, i dont know...maybe I am not vampire, but I belive in this!<br />
Most people think about vampire - they worship to devil!! I think it is not true!<br />
I believe in God, and if I am Vampire, i willbe worship to people!<br />
because if you vampire you are very strong, and you can help to people!<br />
You can do good things!<br />
Please dont use this chance for evil!!!

People, i dont know...maybe I am not vampire, but I belive in this!<br />
Most people think about vampire - they worship to devil!! I think it is not true!<br />
I believe in God, and if I am Vampire, i willbe worship to people!<br />
because if you vampire you are very strong, and you can help to people!<br />
You can do good things!<br />
Please dont use this chance for evil!!!

Im A Vampier I almost drank from my sister

Im A Vampier I almost drank from my sister

Im A Vampier To, I Love the taste of blood. I almost drank from my sister .... bad memory

I am a vampire also. I live off of drinking animal blood in the wilderness or anywhere close out in a private place like the woods. Only my human parents know that I am a vampire. They help me with my blood issues. Please take my advice and try to drink animal blood. It is a lot easier than going beserk in a public place while you are around humans. The most important part is not to derive yourself from blood for too long. It is a terrible burning feeling in my throat. You can tell if your a vampire if you have a strong desire to drink blood. I know some people who try to find out if they are a vampire they shy away from the light. I try to avoid the sun at all times. I have never tried to appear in the sun before and never will. I don't ever sleep either. And my eyes have lost their red color because I don't drink human blood. Please be careful and keep your identity a secret.

Yes thank you i felt so alone i thought i might not ever find some one like me! can you tell me the site thanx! email me ok? thanx!

i know vampires are real... i don't really know if i'm a vampire because sometimes felt the symptons about vampires... i want to know if i'm a vampire... if not... i want to become a vampire... i'm living in a small city too in the philippines... i need your help... please... <br />
Email me.

if you wanna become a vampire il make you you one tell me where you live il come il be there 8:00

im a vampire and love sucking blood ggggggrrrrrrrrrr

im a vampire as well i love killing and drinking so muck blood

recently i've done a pact with the devil, 'cause i wanted to be a vampire. i wasn't shore that it was gonna work but.. now i just think about blood, i want to drink it all the time. food doesn't taste the same . my eyes hurt when i'm walking during the day, and sometimes they turn red at night. i'm getting more seek every day. i don't sleep much but it doesn't make any difference to me, i wake up just fine .. <br />
and, for example , today i've smelt blood from a person who was a bit far from me.. is this a sign ? am i becoming a vampire ?

Hey if you feel well, it is possible that you're transforming. But over time, you will go deeper into the vampire's environment with their own characteristics and abilities.
I'm telling you from experience and also that I also spend as you, also I have many other things like 99.5% of characteristics, skills, powers, ..., of vampirism, and while I hate myself, I like the way I am and because it helps me to know who I really am.
My email is, write me if you want to know more about what we "are ourselves and how we are."

Hey i am a vampire too and Hey! why insulting the humans i am part human ya jerk

how can u show mercy to humAns they are our enemys.u are no vampire

They are more of a food source if u ask me....

Thank you for making this group. I'm glad now I finally have a place to meet others like myself.

good idea we need lots more places like that :)

im a vampire aswell. my brother knows, but doesnt believe me. i would never kill anyone. i just want to talk to other vampires. email me -

yea im a vampire too and i was wondering about the vampire den you were talking about!!!! email me @

finally another site for us thanks

Where do you get the blood from? Do you have some special powers?