My Story.

My original name was Louis Marcelin. I know go by Louise Marcelin Brennus. I was born in 1791 in Mauritius, France. I still keep the first name Louis although I have assumed over a half dozen different human names since 1817; when I taken against my will and for lack of a better word died, and was then reborn. I am what many would refer to as one of the undead, a vampire. I was made against my will by a trouble vampire named Nicholas la Costa. Nickolas was very young at the time, just 30 years old. (When I give ages, it will be the age from when the person died and the vampire was born.) Nickolas was not approved to make me. In the end Nickolas was punished, and I never really got to know Nickolas very well. Nickolas would drift in and out of the area from time to time. Nickolas was a troubled being, but that would be his story, not mine. I believe Nickolas has been extinguished, because I have not felt him in almost 100 years.
At the time, I knew nothing, but I was taken in and raised by Aed (pronounced Aoed) Brennus. He was the oldest of the vampires in our region. Aed considered himself responsible for Nickolas, because Nickolas was a member of his clan. Aed was not Nickolas’s maker, but nevertheless for my sake, he took responsibility for me. He took me alonge with about 2/3 of the clan with him to the New World in 1819. I always thought it funny, that he was not a King in the New World, yet he was 600 years older and much stronger than our king, Brian Drustan. Brian has been a good king, and I know he seeks private counsel from Aed. However it is very discreet and Aed seems to always support Brian. I don’t really know there story. Brian was made a king in the new world almost 300 years before I was born. Vampires came to the new world in 1460 after the Nordic traders first sent back word of the new world.
Aed is perhaps the most patient being I have ever encountered. Aed, is around 2220 years old, he is one of the 5 oldest vampires in the new world. While on a business trip to Rome in 1974, as a part of Aed’s entourage, I was able to briefly meet three Vampires that were among the oldest of our kind.. Vampires that are so old they remember the world in ages not years. Someone may know, exactly how old they were, I asked one of their attendants, and it was brushed off as impolite. I can only guess that they are thousands of years old. I believe Aahmas is Egyptian and she could be five or six thousand years old. I don’t know to what extent the depths of their power reaches. I know Aed is still getting stronger and faster as he ages, I can only assume these “Ancient Ones” are also.
We only met them for few minutes, most likely out of their respect for Aed. The “ancient ones”) don’t have much patience for anyone less than 2000 years old, and they look upon anyone under 1000 years as a mere child that does not understand life, death, or for that matter immortality. I am not passing comment, just stating the fact. I believe in my 194 years I have learned a tremendous amount. I suppose just as in any society there are forms of discrimination, and in our society it is based upon influence, and power, and power is greatly based upon age.
It’s funny, young vampires like myself all sheer our lineage and no one really hides where or when they were made, or who their maker is or was, but the really old vampires, and the ancient ones guard that information like it’s matter of national security. I know when to be quiet and let sleeping bats lie.
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I really like your story its really great but i really wanna know read nd learn more about how u stayed surviving as a vampire all these years nd how was it wen u met the vampire that turned you

Have you ever met a werewolf before?

Does anyone wanna meet up? if you do then im in california.

I see no way in which inviting strangers over the internet to meet you in real life could ever go wrong.


me neither, I will be there on Friday

Sarcasm. Missed.

lol, of course sarcasm. Wizard - I get that you may be a bit lonely, and your anxious to experiment with the Supernatural. However, I would suggest a bit more caution. Take WolfEloin's advice. The things of which you seek are out there, but they carry an incredible price. In my experience the ones that have made that bargain of there own free will have regretted the decision.

btw - I am not talking about actually becoming a vampire in the sci-fi sense. I am talking about compromising your soul for supernatural power. Once you give yourself over to those power's it's just a matter of time until you are consumed. I have seen people destroyed in weeks or months, and others have taken years. A few people have managed to create a treaty of sorts that have held for decades, but they are not the same people as when they started. The power corrupts and changes the person.

A body was never meant to hold more than one spirit.

So you're ''consumed''?

No, I am not consumed. I am merely an empath. I can feel the energy and get a feel for higher or lower (good/evil) I do not channel, and will not channel. However, I know lots of people that do channel. Channeling is a natural evolution for most people as they become aware of the spiritual realms. I stay on the fringes of these realms. I often flee situations when the lower energy's get a little out of control.

These energies and powers are real, and can do damage. It's imperative that you protect yourself (keep up the walls). Don't believe the all is love, and everything is good fairy-tail. "All that glitters isn't gold"

Okay, so answer this: Does vampire and werewolves exist? And you know what I mean.


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if you are a vampire then come bite me please i cant find a spell or ritual that will make me a vampire

There is no spell or ritual that will make you one. As I said in response to your comment on another story, you're either born with vampiric blood or you aren't, and the few true vampires out there (if they still exist) will not be advertising themselves online or anywhere else.

so a vampire can't turn me? man that's mest up. but there is lots of spells and rituals that could make me a vampire

No man, there isn't. The most you'll get is a sort of spiritual "leech" attach itself to your aura that will drain your energy, leading you to engage in psychic vampirism to make up for the loss. I don't think that's quite what you're looking for.

There may still be some true vampires in the world who could affect the change, but they definitely won't be making that claim online or anywhere else. I also believe that if they want you they will find you, not the other way around... assuming they still exist, which I doubt.

So it's all fiction?

I can neither confirm not deny those allegations XOXO

oh please. fake much.

As often as I can. Real life is just not nearly as fun.

Pretty nice story, I am a werewolf btw I mean no harm just peace. I like your story its very interesting

Hello fellow wolf


thank you, I am glad that you like it

Yeah, it sounds like a Interview with a Vampire theme.

well thank you

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u have great talent for writing. if u ever write a book and get it published i wanna know so i can read it. :3

Very kind words, I will work on a third installment to the story.

you have real potential! if i didn't know that vampires don't live forever and all those myths then i really would have believed you. you should seriously consider writing as a career!

Wonderful. More!

Hi All,<br />
I posted a second installment of the story. Please let me know what you think?

Thank you for your comments, I will continue the story.

I thought you were seriously a vampire for a minute. Until you said story.

ok, so I am not really a vampire, but what do you think about the story? Should I keep writing the story or hang it up?

It's really good. I love it. Keep it up.