Who Is A Vampire By Sheer Will And Not Nature?

  So my question is if people can be born as vampires, or can they slowly turn into vampires by their genetic makeup; how is this natural if we are meant to be people that are human? Does that make us superhuman or evil; and how much more evil are humans already? I hate what is evil and refuse to call a person evil if they despise it; though if you read the bible we are all born into sin because sin entered the world when Adam and Eve disobeyed God. My advice is that no human person or vampire person or whatever wierd breed you think you turned out to be should think they are entitled to embracing evil. Evil destroys and Satan is the Father of Lies who seeks to steal, kill, and destroy everything and everybody ( humans, vampire breed humans, etc. whatever whoever) Satan does not favor anybody and does not protect anybody, he gives you illusions and makes you think you are getting what you want while he is hurting you. So my advice is to pray for God to protect you and to turn your life over to the true living God in heaven, who can give you eternal life in paradise. God is stronger than Satan, has defeated Satan on the cross at Calvary, and God can defeat the evil in your life if you confess to God and obey God. God will forgive you when you mess up and truly do not mean to mess up.Only God can protect you. I am so serious about this and my concern is for all persons because I feel people are now too easily being mislead and unfortunately are more interested in Satan's games, illusions, tricks, works, etc. So please get help immediately and please pray immediately that God will save your soul because you never know when your time is up. ONLY Satan brings evil into the world and in our lifes causing us misery and despair later, now, and ultimately. God is good, fair, right, loving, all-knowing, all-powerful, creator of the universe, and YOU! It is wise to trust GOD. AMEN! God is willing that all His creation be saved.
Meao Meao
1 Response Apr 27, 2012

it is my believe that vampires are human, that they are born that way and "turning" is near-to impossible, if possible at all.<br />
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They are anyone, they are human and so just as good or evil, honest or dishonest as anyone is capable. Is it genetic? Is it spiritual? Well, no one really knows.. so i'm withholding a judgement in that area for now..<br />
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I hope this helps answers your questions, and hopefully settles some of your concerns.