Vampires Are Smarter Than Werewolves

did anyone notice how theres almost no vampires on this page but theres a lot of werewolfs on the i am a werewolf page are they idiots hunters can tell who is fakeing or not and trace ur sign in to ur e-mail then use ur email to find out ur name then use ur name to find out where u live work and sleep
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if you want a fight you got one my family made a blood pact and i am willing to protect my race

My name is selena hairston im 19 years old n i can say that i dont believe vampires are real n an other fact i dont think they drink blood

If they're not real then of course they don't drink blood.

Im sorry guys I will try to be civilized but im just saying werewolves are impossible. A change in bonestructure just could not happen. I am part native so believe me when I say that a wolf totem/spirit is possible

are u a vampire?

does it matter?

I dont think they're so stupid, wile its true "i am real werewolf" was nearly 50 - 100 more subsc<x>riptors, we must do the math.<br />
<br />
counting all non-werewolfs and the ones who lie on the page, that would reduce our number to a 150 - 234 max. Then we should count probabilities of a homicide vamp or hunter with the skills of a pro hjacker being capable of overpass server security of a hotmail or gmail.<br />
<br />
odds of that happening are kind of 2 - 5 percentail.

Chances are: most - if not all - are simply lying.

i am a werewolf, i have heard myths of hunters. so they are real? ohh and i do agree that you think more, my vamp friends like that too. werewolves can be too impulsive and emotional, though i try to train it out of me.

yes. i am a werepire and my vampire side is much smarter. we think more.

werepire? can someone say fail?


Thank you :)