Werewolves And Vampires

Can anyone truely explain why there is, what some people call, a 'natural hate' for werewolves in the vampire community? Id like to hear some opinions
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Not every vampire hates wolfs my brother is a werewolf but we still like each other

Same reason some people are racists

In the real otherkin community there is no rivalry, in fact a lot of them join the same groups and are close friends

There isn't. Unless of course you're role-playing with an Underworld theme or something..

I think it is a matter of opinion some agree with humans that vamps and werewolfs will always hate and others like me think there is no reason for it

Honestly, I'm a very soft vampire. I don't exactly, hate any type of wolf. I thing it could be that I am part Native American. I actually, have fallen in love with a warewolf. I didn't know he was until a few days ago. I accept it. I don't know what makes me so kind and loving but it could be that I come from a quite difficult past. In my opinion, if you can put the media out of you're mind you can love anything and everything. In fact, my warewolf has saved my life. I feel like it could be because I'm a sanguine vampire. I just have a high tolerance to all species.

Humans: They think thier supiror. Think they are at the top of the foor chain, And think they are smart. and live long,<br />
Vamps: Aged. Think they are Smarter then all. Think they rule the world.<br />
Wolfes: Is there really much more to say then the obvious? Their wolfs... duh.<br />
<br />
<br />
Reality? It is simple. Vampires started out by one. and that one bit one. nd so on. wolfs are the same concept;Started out with two aaand.. well you can figure out the rest. and the humans. Gotta love em! their so colorfull..wth their....fokllour (ik i got that from a game but its all i got!) but thats besides the point. as the humans moved up in the world, they made more inventions. eventually the humans learned about vamps and went from there. thus was born the WORST movie of all time, twlight.<br />
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But what lead to vampires natrul hate to wolves? Its simple. You see, Wolfes had "claimed" Land where vamps had hunted. and eventually the wolves caught the vamps, where , for takeing all the wolfes food, a war begun. after the war hatred still ramined between the two. But, some though, have learned to live in peace. others kill one another on sight. I Am peceful though. allthough ive never met a wolf in person, ill look forword to meeting one. <br />
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And to anwser the question you MIGHT have right now, Yes i am vamp. that is how i know all that.

the vampires killed the leader of the wolves a while ago and the wolves held a grudge over it.<br />
...that's what i heard from an ancient werewolf friend.