Ok, Here Are Some Facts About Real Vampires

1. you do not just "awaken" one day and realize you are a vamp. you're either born one and have traits your WHOLE life, or are turned

2. if you're turned it doesnt always work, and if it does (which is great) you still dont possess most vampire traits

3. no vampires are immortal. sure they live longer, but not forever

4. vampires have beating hearts just like humans

5. vampires do not instantly burn while going outside, sure, its uncomfortable but we don't get sunburnt the instant we step foot outside.

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I have to disagree with the "you don't awaken" thing though. The idea behind the term "awakening" when used in relation to vampirism is, you have the traits your whole life, but you may not always be aware of them. Awakening is the process of becoming aware of vampiric traits within yourself, and finding a name for it.
I also don't believe there are any true vampires around anymore who can turn someone... or if there are, they number less than a couple hundred, and they certainly won't be advertising their existence online. Particularly not on a message group like this where the average age is around 16.

All vampire females come to me ;) I wouldn't mind being drain by complete hotties.. Your first AlestiaL :)

As long as the relationship remains blood-only, I might be game. Have to learn more about you first.

I was kidding LOL regards to the relationship, I wouldn't even want a relationship.. But the blood, haha you wouldn't be able to suck my blood online silly goose.

Well, no. Locations could be established though, *wink*

I'd have to know you quite well first.

The person who didnt relise Vampires and Hacking

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What about the unpleasant side effect of eating: voiding? Surely vampires (and certainly vampiric humans) must void something. Even blood has waste material left over after digestion.

Thank you, for actually knowing your stuff. The myths were created to protect us though now, considering the times, I think it is safe to voice the realities.

I agree. we can tell and show others more now. but there are still things we should keep to ourselves.

i am trying to become one

I hope you're not basing views of Vampires through folklore and the media. If so, I suggest you rethink your desire.

no i am not
I actually want to become one

good luck with that.... :)

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Imortalit is possible not saying there are imortal vampires just saying its possible

aside from having many past lives and future lives, how?

Theres alot reat the post i made immortality


i cant read it, it says its blocked :C

Thats weird its alot sooooo.....

im gonna go try again

still not working

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So you claim to be a vampire then?

did i say that?

nope:) that's why I was asking.

there arent any where i live, but i would like to<br />
i live in the land of the old people aka florida

Have you considered joining a clan?

I have been thinking about it there are none around me just wolf clans

You can find my coven on my page.

Is it wolf or vampire clan and where's it located

Vampire. And right now it is only online.



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