The Awakenin

I dont feel like myself anymore I feel different now that im growin up. The craving for the red stuff cant go into light runnin faster gettin mad easliyand no emotion really o dont like to show them at alk to no one and my ears the smallest annoying sound can sound really loud in my ear am I goin mad or it just me im sittin on my beb right now thinkin were am I goin to get the red stuff hu I dont want to drink anmail blood animals are so damn cute what am I goin to do this cravin just gets stronger and stronger my eyes have a dark black ring around my teeth are so sharp I think there noticable I meed help I meed answers
lilkitten6 lilkitten6
13-15, F
1 Response Dec 3, 2012

the smallest amount of light gives me a really bad headache/migraine..
and sounds do the same for me to :(

Yah but I think you will be all right just waer a hood it may help alittle