We Interrupt Your Program With This Short Announcement...


Hello, all.
I'd like to take this space to let you all know that fakery will not be tolerated anymore. Not by me, and you shouldn't tolerate it either. This page is for LEGITIMATE vampires seeing help, friendship, truth and guidance. THIS is why this page is there. There are some of us who have crawled into the shadows of EP and allowed confused fantasy nerds to reign supreme. I can understand why, because it's become increasingly difficult to spot the real from the fake and this saddens me quite a lot.

As much as I respect that approach, I'm not the kind of person who'll sit back and accept this kind of nonsense plastered over this page. I'm the kind of person who'll tell it like it is, as I'm sure some people have seen by my lack of tact amongst obvious fakers.

There are SPECIFIC pages/forums for this kind of role playing. You do NOT role-play here. There are new people to this page seeking help who may be mislead by your stupidity.

I'm okay with being nice. In cases of legitimate Vampires who are capable of distinguishing imagination from reality, there are SO many of us out here who'd DIE to lend you guys a hand. so, don't be discouraged, if you ARE a legitimate vampire seeking help, friendship or just a shoulder to cry on, by fakers who think they are something they are not.

Thanks for reading my little vent. I'm just REALLY over it now.
Please leave comments or feedback, suggestions, constructive criticism. It's appreciated.
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Thank you I now have faith in this page. You have my gratitude and respect.

I am a werewolf Rolling on the floor laughing my *** off! You guys should meet up, remake Twilight.

Lolita know right!!!


I think this was a well put mini-rant/vent. Honestly, it made my night a little bit better haha.

I like how you put that lol i want lie i am human but always like this stuff so looking for the truth that all but it hard to tell truth from not true

I like this.