My Transformation

Salut,I am Isabelle from Paris,France...sorry if my grammer is bad because I don't know English very well,some people might count me as a Twilighter or a huge fan of vampires but that's all merde ,if you want to give a feedback then do but not negative comments please.
There are only 10-20 vampires in the world now others are pousers or Vampiric.Let me start my story now,
I was born in the 30s,in 1948,when I was 18,I went to a trip to Istanbul,Turkey with my family,there I was transformed , after my transformation I never saw my family ever again,the process took about 2 days,I can't remembere very clairly,That time was very difficult for me because I wasn't educated enough,so I started to work in restaurants as a waitress.
In 1954,I moved to London where I found a coven of 3 vampires,5 now including me,2 females and 1 male,they gave me full support and we started to live together,we still work together,then I rejoined my highschool from where I left it,after struggles of all +30 years,we were able to live on our own,at first I used to haunt humans for about 16 years but later we all moved towards the animals,this isn't a tale,it's my own experience and if anybody would like to know more then contact me if you want,
We don't glow in sunlight,stakes,crosses or holy water won't kill us,we need to haunt if a human then 4 times a week and if animals then about 6 times,
We don't had red,gold fantasy eyes,we had our original eye colour,we don't age physically,and the maximum age is estimated.
I am 82 now soon to be 83,but still I look like an eighteen year old.
We can't reproduce,and our lifestyle is totally differint from humans,we don't have fangs but extremely sharp teeth,nobody can catch us unless we let them.
Anyways later we all moved to California but now a days I am in Paris,my native place.
I am doing a part time job now a days and just joined a university.
I know nobody can understand in here,you will count me a goth or whatever,but trust me,its my original painful experience.
Now we had a coven of 5,3 females including me and 2 other males,now I am thinking to separate and live on my own.
I try to be human like,cause I don't want to endup in a laboratory.
If you want to know more,then please contact me.
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How you transformed

Are vampires in Romania?

Salut Isabelle. i am Asmara from the Netherlands and I have experience with languages and myths. If you want to know something, feel free to message me :)

How to contact you?

Isabelle right..?? can i get your contact no. or email through which i can contact you..??

Is it possible for you to make a human into a vampire?

Will you transform enyone to a vampire if yes i would like to be one.....

pls reply me when you see it.....

question are you really banned from heaven by God?

And also you do know they actually move at the speed predicted and told in stories so they can get to you they don't have to live close to you. just thought you should know oh and for those changed there is a cure you just may not like the ending result.

Are you willing to turn somebody else? Im willing to do anything for it

This is a well written piece of fiction. I appreciate it. :)

hi, I am a lycan, or the exact opposite of your kind. I assume we are both creatures of the night. I know I am. ive never really known what a vampire is, so could you explain it too me? how do you turn? its not possible for wolves turn by bites, so is it the same for you? what happens when you turn? what is your appearance like? (its a lot, I know)

Bonjour. je suis fran├žaise aussi, j'habite en Inde actuellement mais je revient souvent en France. J'aimerais vous rencontrer.
J'ai tellement de questions!!

There are more than that of 28 vampires in this world, At least 50000 vampires. As for your transformation, Have you died or did you just turn ?


no, you just want to suck ****, not blood

begone, troll

To become a vampire you must ingest vampire blood, Any amount,Then you will soon become a vampire, I cant remember, Hunter files are hard to read
Anyway there was a coven in london? Where? I am in london for a short period of time

Do you know how to become a vampire please tell me.

Ms.Isabelle are you willing to turn anyone?

I would like to know if you can transform a human into a vampire too?

Hello belle its me

Hello Isabelle. I wish you lived nearer to me.


closer timezone, easier to keep conversation going

or you could simply wake up earlyer/ stay up later...