My Blood And Her's.

one day i got really board in maths so i started to make fake cuts on my wrist with a red pen. That got boring so i snapped a ruler and started to scratch my self!!! i did it for a cupple of days. After that i did it harder till blood came out. I started licking it and it was the nicest most energizing thing i have ever done. It is amazing so i kept doing it. One day at lunch i was doing doing it and a girl i like came over (we have been talking for a while). I joke she should lick the blood and she did!! biggest turn on ever!! it was amazing so i grabbed her wrist and she said i could cut it so i dd!! i licked her blood and it was a bigger turn on!! we do it all the time now!! she and i love it! I have hued of vampires in the USA doing it and having the same feelings so i now know i am atleat part vampire.
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Not to diss your beliefs or anything. But blood can give people a euphoric state after drinking it, such as a high off drugs or whatever. It doesnt necessarily make you a vampire. Also, like other comment you should be careful of std's and make sure its sterile. Use a fresh razor and dont injure the person you are working on as they are willingly giving their blood to you. Common vampirism, whether sanguanarian or phychic is derived from the lack of energy in your body. drinking orange juice, eating rare steaks can help with cravings and that hungover feeling. you can also draw energy off of thunderstorms and natural occurances such as tornadoes, hurricanes, etc. Another suggestion is coconut milk which can provide a similar effect to drinking blood, although not the same. sometimes people mistake being allergic to the sun to being a vampire. It is a symptom, not a diagnosis. People cannot be turned into vampires, but they can be addicted to blood. Just little tidbits of information on vampirism.

1. No.
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u guys are taking the fun out of it!! :(

If you say so. You don't have to take any of the advice I gave you. They are merely suggestions to help ensure safer blood play between you and your partner. But when you get a major infection in your skin or end up calling paramedics because you cut something wrong, you can hear me in the background saying "I told you so..."


huh? Man, if you don't have anything constructive to add, why are you even here?

Sorry, this moron her makes a big deal of stuff, we have been dating for a while, I changed the password on his account, he wont be on here, and he was drunk, sorry!!!!

This sounds more like a blood fetish than vampirism to me. If you were truly vampiric, you would need the blood to be healthy, you wouldn't just enjoy it. Also, self feeding would only weaken you. There are many people within and outside of the vampire community who engage in blood play and blood fetishism.
If you continue with blood play, I would highly recommend using a new, clean razor blade each time instead of a plastic ruler. You're looking for a small, clean cut that will heal quickly and with minimal scarring. Be sure to have antiseptic on hand for use before and after, rinse your mouths out with a good mouthwash like listerene before engaging, and have way more bandages in multiple varieties than you think you'll ever need on hand at all times. Having a safe word which means "STOP IMMEDIATELY" known and respected by all parties involved is a good idea too. Also, NEVER cut on the wrist or near any major vein or artery. You can cause serious injury to yourself and your partner doing that. Most people who engage in blood play do it on an area of thick muscle like the upper chest, the back, and tops of the thighs.
Be safe and always respectful towards yourself and anyone you perform this act with.