I am 13 and i know i am a vampire i was born a vampure i am able to feed of myself and am able to go throught the day by eating ordainary foid but by night i must ha e some blood, i do get affected by the sun but i dont get sun burn just heat rash my eye colour changes when happy sad and deppending on the season i have sharp teeth i am strong for my age i can throw a ball and knock someone flat on the ground i know know ine else becasue no one beleives them innmy town so yh im quite lonely erm well i have to ve cautious around the night because ill end up stating up all nught snd lookung dead in the morning and it gets worse so i am havin to shorten my nights which isnt helpful i am a vampire and am not a fakey person you have to beleive me i find that when i get angry (this seems more related to werewolves this next bit but youll see in a minute) i tend to growl really deep in my throat and get look like what the **** and then wen really pissed of i tend to hiss and bare my teeth which are pointy so also what the **** timez too and i have few fruends but they do not know of me i am a secret not even my psrentw know i am a vampire , ur probs wondering how did she become a vamp if her arents arent weol ibwas born with a flawed gene callled aspergers from me dad and along without cam ****** up chromozones and voila i am a vampire by sheer luck you seriously have to beleive i am so lonely i cannot sleep i am disgusted at food thou i eat blood tastes soo yum and i prefer lady night rather than to lady day i am soo into gore and am a slight goth but my parents keep trying to dig me out of my hole and theyre kind of working but as soon as im old enough hello shadows long time no ******* see . Please beleive me and olease add in circles and friends so lonely all of the time only one vampire in the whole of the ******* town :( soo not cool bye fr now
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This is all true and i am a thriteen yr old vamp btw