Falling In Love

Is it a bad thing that I am a 19 year old vampire that fell in love with a werewolf?? I just couldn't help myself. He looked at me with those brown eyes of his and I fell hard..as did he. We have been living together a little over a month and a half and things couldn't be better, we both know about each other's conditions and lives, we know everything about each other..no secrets attached. So I ask this question again, is it a bad thing I fell for him??
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Of corse not! This saying that vampires and werewolves should never be friends is a lie created by humans(I'm a wolf shape shifter) it is a good thing you found love because most of us never do...

There is nothing wrong with it. I'm a vampire and I am married to a lycan(werewolf). We are very much in love and even have kids. The vampire/ lycan feud is all fake. Yes we have fought in the past but so do all other races, humans especially. Yes there are some of us who are prejudice but again all sentient beings have those among them that are. So go on and love him with all that you are. There is no shame in it.

As long as there is equal love and respect between the two of you, it'll work.

U can I just hate werewolfs those ******* basterds

Sheesh. What did we ever do to you?

Sorry ive had bad ecsipence with many of your kind so I don't trust any of those thief's and Hates plus humans with there mocking

Oh I see. I'm sorry you had such a bad experience

Yes many of us are very nice people, I am truly sorry if one of our kind ever caused you discomfort or harm, and I hope that one day you will see that not all of us are bad or evil.

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Nobody cares. Legit. Be with whoever you want. You shouldn't care about anyone else, either.


Nothing wrong with it. There has been no real conflict between vampires and wolves. A male wolf can look at a female and fall for her for life, doesn't matter race or species.