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I screwed up yesterday after five years. I haven't told my best friend (werewolf btw) that I messed up because she'll kill me, possibly literally, (nah I could take her) I can't stop thinking about it. The taste of it. Now even If I see a scratch it's harder. I can't keep doing this. I was so close to attacking one of my best friends (human doesn't know about me) before my wolfy friend snapped me out of it. I honestly don't know what to do an that scares me. Help.
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If it were me (I'm a wolf shape shifter) I would go on a vacation,away from people,just to settle this craving. Tell the people you trust and just go away from a couple of weeks or if it is that bad years

I hate it so much and if I get a donor that fresh blood will just make me hungrier and I might kill them

Rare steak can tide you over if you really need it

can't get that easily

If you're good at meditation there's also the ability to feed like a psychic vampire to take the kick off of it

it's not the same thing, There more too it than the blood, this is going to sound so twisted, it's also the feeling of draining them, it's addictive, them jus melting away and the blood pouring into mymouth is just too good to fight, told you it was twisted

Well, you will need to learn to control that of course. Because if you keep that as your reasons to feed, you're gonna kill someone. The addictive part you described is slightly worrying though. But if you can find someone who has a clean medical record and is willing to give blood to you, you should be fine. If you really can't stand it, there's also the option to take from yourself. It doesn't do anything for me, but it might do something for you

I'm assuming you're a wolf then (I don't care just wondering)

I'm a hybrid. Half vamp half wolf

it not the same for you, not the same craving, it's easier to hold on to humanity for you, you're a lucky one if you can believe it

i haven't killed anyone but I've been close and that scares me

You just have to learn to control it. It's hard for any vampire of any kind. It comes with time. The longer your vampire side is awake, the more you know how to control it.

how long have you been what you are? and it comes back, goes in cycles almost, bad to good to worse to better

My vampire side has been awake for about 3-4 years now. At one point I was ready to take that knife and cut into my skin for the thirst I needed to quench. But I just bit my lip and got on with life. It was interfering with what I needed to do, so I suppressed it until I got a cut or lost a tooth or something.

I've been like this for almost 10 years and take my word for it, it comes back

I know. It came back to me just a few days ago, but luckily my mate was willing to give me some blood, though it pained me to see him injure himself. And just today, he lets me just bite his neck every once in a while (though it makes my thirst worse) I wanted blood so badly I accidentally gave him a hickey

sure "accidentally" ;P I don't mean to frighten you but it does get worse and worse

:P Yes accidentally. And I figured as much

Im trying to go back with being dry but it's so hard now. My friend said if she ever caught me drinking she' d tie me to a chair for a while, which to wolves is apparently a really good way to detox vampires.

Well with what you described your hunger as, it may be the best way. But then again it could also charge your hunger even more because you haven't gotten it.

I managed for 5 years, either way I'm always hungry. Who the he'll came up with that idea anyway? Can you imagine the conversation? "hey buddy, to make you stop drinking blood I'm gonna tie you too this chair"

I'd imagine a fight until one or the other pins the other down.

Yeah except the only way shed beat me in a fight was if she was in Pshift or she caught me by suprise

Trust me, if you anger a wolf, their strength almost doubles. Either way, both species are quite strong

oh I know, but I bet I'm stronger, i've been so far, I'm going to bed,I like dreaming, most of the time, except when I'm drinking in them, anyway nighty night


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