I Can't Get Rid Of It

The taste is so bittersweet, metallic almost. I cant forget about it, I dream about it. I need help with this but I'm basically on my own. I was dry for 5 years then I screwed it all up.Help. Please.
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I know all of you are right, I just don't want to face it but I have to
Thank You

I do my best to feed often, but I do it in small amounts so I don't hurt my mate. This last time I barely took a mouthful. It's hard, especially when it's fresh, to stop. But you just have to think that it's someone's life you hold in your hands. You can't take it away from them, since they themselves are giving you what you need to survive and stay sane.

Hey Morph~

You are jackass.

Hey! it's nit my fault


Honey, I'm 100% vegetarian I don't even eat fish, or mussels.

I hate killing animals, any kind of harm to any kind of animal REALLY gets to me. I'm an atheist, I'm nowhere near pagan, AND I'm a skeptic. Somehow, Someone out there must have thought it was a brilliant idea to make me a vampire.

I hate feeding too. my partner encourages me t feed off of him (although it nearly killed him once) but it makes me feel sick to my stomach when I do. I love him. We're engaged. The last thing I wanna do is hurt him.

Every time I feed I think of my two beautiful puppies, my cats, my partner and my baby niece. I feel like whit when I do it.

But I need to. If I didn't, I'd go crazy. Instincts take over, hon, trust me.
if you don't trust yourself, feed off of a consenting person who you know can stop you.
You just have to feed. If not anyone, take it from me. You were dry for 5 years. You must be going NUTS. You just have to. Get a pattern happening, keep it regular and your body will get used to being fed again and as a result, the urges will go away.

I know it sucks, I do. But it's a necessity and you need to do it. So no more bullshit excuses. Just do it.


have you ever killed someone?

trixie have you ever killed someone

I'm not answering that question, sorry.
Just do it. You don't have a choice. That's the last time I'll say it to you because I don't feel like arguing with an idiot who refuses to feed.

It doesn't matter what you've done in the past. If you don't feed you're a danger to everyone AND yourself. I wouldn't want to be around you if you didn't. And for 5 years?! Last time I'm responding to this.

You. Must.

you two saved me

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First off, there is nothing wrong with experiencing blood hunger. If you're vampiric, then you are what you are, as you were created.
Second, so long as the blood exchange was done safely and between consenting adults, there is nothing wrong with having done so.

As living vampires, we don't drink blood simply because we enjoy it. It is enjoyable yes, but we drink because we need the blood to keep from getting sick. Going dry for 5 years is detrimental to your health; you shouldn't abstain unless circumstance requires it.

hope this helps

it's wrong

As Morphisto has told you, there are humans who willingly offer their blood to vampires for feeding, out of love and respect. They are called black swans in our community.
There is nothing wrong with feeding on blood so long as it's between consentual adult partners, any more than sex is wrong so long as it's consentual adults.
We're trying to help you. You are not alone in this, even though you insist on being so. I'm starting to wonder if you're just looking for attention, rather than help.

why black swans

uhh... *scratches head* I don't know. I'm not up on the history of terminology in the modern vampire community.

Black swans are technically called problems that only are obvious after it happens or something

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Speaking in riddle won't get you anywhere, for starters.

How did you mess it up?
Did you go and kill someone and drained them of their blood? O_o

I didn't kill them

or drain, not completely, they're alive

What do I do