This Song, Man.

This has NOTHING to do whatsoever with anything,
but this song is a gem, and so is Snoop Dogg.
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a gangsta rap about vampirism?

No Its just her being. . . well herself

Duh no. Just snoop dogg.

eh. I prefer Metallica

Lol Metallica is so **** compared to One Direction.


Metallica wipes their million dollar butt holes with One Direction. Play your own instruments, write your own music, tour the world, and repeat for 30 years. Then we'll talk about "One Direction".

WolfEloin dont take the bait. She's now trying to troll you

One Direction is sexy, and Metallica is not. One Direction is better okay because they write about real ****. Metallica is just a soppy metal band with no sex appeal and that's why they suck compared to One direction.

WolfEloin I tried to warn you. . .

Okay, I know you're too young to know much Metallica history. They're not as sexy as they used to be, sure. But they're also 50-51 years old and have been touring since age 20. If you pay any attention to Metallica lyrics, you'd know what they write about. Inspirations from H.P. Lovecraft novels, cocaine addiction, alcohol addiction, cancer, being abandoned by a parent, the horrors of war.

You're right. Literally none of the above topics is in any way "real" or "heavy" or "current". At all. You know what? I'm going to change my entire outlook on music because of this.


Metallica are so ****, you'r ejust old and don't understand how sexy One Direction is.

One of their members looks like a rat
Songs are dumb
The lyrics are stupid
there's no dancing
They're fake
They have dumb instruments
They're outdated

One Direction:
All of them are singers
Don't use gay stone age instruments
Use autotune because it's cool and new
They're pop
they're young
they're lyrics are all meaningful and deep
There's dancing
They are rich as hell and really young and fabulous.

You're wrong
Metallica is so ****

Singing "bands" who play no instruments, don't write their own lyrics, follow made up choreography taught to them by a gay guy paid $75 per hour by a record company.... carbon-copy synthicized music is totally where it's at.


You're stupid
Metallica have NO swag
One Direction have LOTS of swag.
It's not a carbon copy, their lyrics are really deep.
And they have super cool Do's.

all four members of Metallica have been married for 5 years or longer and have children with their wives. Obviously NOT gay. Moron.
I'm 27, and that is far from old. They're 50 and that is also, far from old. And believe it or not, one day you, too, will reach the age of 27 and with luck, 50. You might even live to 74, like my grandmother is now.
The only time a 'band' needs to entertain with dancing is because they're too stupid to learn to play an instrument.
Guitars and drums are not outdated. And it takes something to play them, called TALENT, which One Direction couldn't grasp if their lives depended on it. Apparently, you wouldn't recognize talent if your life depended on it, either.
One Direction are cookie cutter and unoriginal. Metallica created their band on their own, learned to play actual instruments and write their own music, and actually worked hard to get where they are today. Metallica have 14 albums and are in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. One Direction won't exist in 3 years, thank all that is holy.

Swag? So now you're saying being told how do dance, what words to sing and how to sing them, and what special clothes and accessories and hairstyles to wear makes for talent? For musical ability?> You're proving my point perfectly.

Lol they have no swag. 1D is in the top charts right now, You're old as hell and metallica is the gayest band ever.
Lol 27 is old as hell.

People put down 1D put they still remain strong and a together band because they have amazing talent and one X Factor because they were so talented. Harry cooks and he's got a super cool haircut and they have heaps of swag.Their clothes are trendy and thir songs are trendy, unlike dumb Metallica. 1D are funny and they make funny jokes, and they DANCE
Ever seen Metallica dance? NO. Because Metallica had NO swag. They have dolls made out of them that eople were fighting to get a hold of because 1D is so swagalicious. Harry has amazing hair and he's an ICON for teens who aspire to be REAL artists not ****** metal artists.

Metallica is such a **** band and instruments are SO old and SO overused. 1D Is the NEW METALLICA. A BETTER Metallica.
1d4lyf xx

Making your own music, writing your own instruments, and performing your own music is real and genuine. A manufactured singing group trying to pass itself off as a "band" who create nothing are fake. People who think singing into an autotune device (which is used to cover up the fact that the singer in fact cannot stay "in tune" on their own) are part of why arabs hate the West. Singing with your own voice, even if it sucks, is real. Learn the

Metallica is just fake and stupid.they can stay in tune but they use autotune to sound better, and that's why metallica is ****.
Can't dance,
No swag,
Bad singers,
Worst instruments
Can't even play them

There have been limited edition Metallica dolls made TWICE.
Metallica does not and have never used an autotuner. James Hetfield sings unaided, except for basic vocal warm-ups. Also, they can and do play their instruments extremely well. The lead guitarist is even studying for his PhD in guitar studies. One Direction can't even snap their fingers to a beat.
Again, you're proving how dumb you are if you honestly think using an autotuner to hide your crappy singing voice, dressing up in flashy costumes to cover the fact that you lack the mental fortitude to learn to play an instrument, and making no attempt to cover the fact that you didnt write the music you're singing or choreograph the dance routine, are all indicators of talent. Metallica are a group of four individuals who actually write their music and performs what they write. One Direction.... follows the directions of the record company. They would dance to prerecorded electronica to sell foot cream, if the record company gave them enough money.

Writing your own music takes talent. A group of people playing instruments together, live, in front of tens of thousands, for 4 hours straight, takes talent. Staying together and continuing to perform and write music and release albums for 30 years takes talent. Again I say, we'll see whether or not One Direction matters in 5 years. Same as all those other pop bands. 98 degrees, backstreet boys, britney spears.

We'll see who has real staying power.

1D will be here forever.
Metallica is just ****
no swag = no contest

One Direction needs "swag" because they're talentless morons who can't play or write actual music, whose voices suck so bad they need a computerized voice to fix them, and putting on fancy clothes and haircuts is all they have to offer.
Metallica has "talent", therefore no need for swag.

You're right, there's no contest.

Besides, don't you know that a "swag" is a type of curtain?

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