such a stupid name

anyway theres one in Wales if you want to know
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If by slayers, you mean hunters, I know three in Wales and the areas surrounding areas. If you mean the religious nuts who are obsessed and claim to seek out sngular species in "The name of God", I know one there, she's a stupid *****. You have nothing to worry about from her.

Thanks, someone told me I hadn't seen her,

She's young, inexperienced, and not that bright

Ok good, worth getting rid of?

Uh... No, because then you'll have hunters on your ***. I said this as a hunter offering an olive branch. But kill one of us, no one on heaven or earth could stop hunters from finding you and destroying you.

Not necessarily what I meant, is it worth getting her off my tail or will she find it anyway

Best bet, don't do anything to attract attention to yourself. Solves any issues. She wouldn't be all that great at tracking you down anyway, buton the off chance she did, your best bet is simply not to do somethng that would give reason to.

Fair enough, thanks

No prob

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