Back On The Blood, Thank You

I'm back, I'm better, I'm healthy, and I'm nervous. My friend (werewolf) might just kill me if she figures out that I'm feeding again. I feel guilty, but I feel healthy and better. I was so stupid thinking that I could go dry.

I'm back, I'm home
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Ignore your wolf friend. Do what makes you healthy.

Sorry for my language everyone else.

By the way, Banshee whatever the hell your name is, peolpe do things called lying. Get used to it!

Don't worry about Banshee. She did the same to me about a month or two ago, maybe worse.

Hey u never explained how u messed up can u tell me? I'm a little curious

I "messed up" by feeding, I felt it was wrong, but I realize it's natural mow


If she's gonna get pissed every time you feed then I can't really say she cares all that much about your health. As a vampire you NEED to feed. Or else you're gonna hurt more people than you want

I agree with you because one time my friend Elyse ( vampire) didn't feed for a week and two days later she went on a crazed blood bath. I don't know how many.

She just thinks it's wrong, and honestly can you blame her? Werewolves will never understand that part if us

It's easy to understand. It's almost like if you chain a wolf up for weeks without meat, just vegis. They'll go insane

No I can't because we do live with humans. It must be hard to watch them die, if any.

Just because you take blood from a human doesn't mean you kill them. Though I have the occasional craving for blood (vampire blood acts up every once in a while) but I take from a wolf (my mate) so it's a little different, and since I'm not a full blood, I don't need as much. You just need a donor that can stop you if needed

That is true happened to a friend not me but Shanavia she is in my pack of friends that are werewolfs. Don't worry she is ok now

I have a donor, there's a whole Buisness, and she has a bodyguard -_- they all do

It's understandable why they all do.

Hey I get that too. I get slushies at lunch to subdue it ( the slushies are red btw)

Those are the best! Ugh I hate taking blood from my mate causes him to hurt himself just to feed me :(

Oh ok

I thought you said you were a werewolf

I have both bloods in me, but ever since my wolf side awakened, my vampire side has died down a lot. I get the occasional blood cravings, but most of it is just the want to bite into skin with my teeth.

Ignore your "friend" just feed as much as you want try not to kill any humans they are very fragile

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Hi Im a werewolf and I say try cows instead of humans and if human is a must have then pick the ones that are ready to die.

I don't have to kill them!

Good that makes me feel better

I don't need to kill to sustain for a little while

Hey can we be friends?

Uh, ok?


Ahh poor guy


Oh and I mislead u to clear up when I say slushies I litterally mean slushies

Me and CelestriaWolf were chatting

....... Did you know vampire bats give rabies to the animals they feed on? The animals go into a frenzy, because of a germ the bat carries......

I did because I saw that on animal planet's the most extreme

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........ You always talk about going dry,
Are you wet now?
Since you began feeding again?

........Maybe you make your friend wet too if you are wet,
Drenched in blood makes her mouth water and maybe something else too,
A wet bitttch is a happy bittchh...
Make that wolf purr like a cat baby!!
She wants it!


*********= p e d o p h i l e


Hey u could pretty much guess I know nothing about vampires and u are correct, but don't say hurtful stuff because of that. ( future reference)

..........@wolfelena .*********? Lmfao... Poster age indicates over 18, meaning she is an adult...

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