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Seek help, you guys. Seriously. There's no such thing as Vampires. It's a condition called Renfield's Syndrome. If you are REALLY a vampire, you would know off the top of your head where that term is coined. This fantasy is so rich in lore, it would be embarrassing for both of us if you just lived in your own hematolagnic little world. For some of you, I'm sure it's derived from sexual stimulation from vampiric lore during your development that evolved into obsession. Sigmund Freud would have a field day with you people.

Jesus Christ, you guys believe in Lilith too? Do you go to churches housed in the basement of the creepy gas station clerk who smokes behind the store?

With werewolves, there's a bit more simplicity to the matter. With vampires, there's all different types. So many that it's just absurd to believe that they can even exist. Is there just one type? If so, why is the mythology so greatly distorted between cultures? Are they just getting it wrong? If there is more than one type, then why are they different? Does evolution have an effect on them too?

How are you "born" a vampire? A vampire is a reanimated corpse. That's pretty much the only thing that's consistent between countries.

You guys seem to be stripping away all of the well-known lore to make it possible for you to believe that you are indeed a vampire.

What are the signs of vampirism? All I've heard from you people is that: A.) You like the taste of blood. B.) You are much more sensitive to sunlight. C.) You're born a vampire.

Problem with A.) That's been covered in psychology. Hematolagnia. Sexual arousal from the consumption of blood. Maybe you're not getting a hard-on every time you drink the blood you extract from your lip, but that's only because it's evolved into an obsession. Most anything can be linked back to sex. Problem with B.) I burn easy! I must be a vampire. Yeah. Or you could be Irish. That's one vampire that we seldom hear of. The Irish Vampire. (Fun Fact: Did you know Bram Stoker was Irish?). Problem with C.) There is no problem that I can cement through research. It's just stupidity. It contradicts the lore, and makes you look silly. HOW are you born a vampire?

This doesn't make any sense. What constitutes vampirism if you're not an unholy abomination born from the reanimated corpse of some poor sod. And your only means of prolonging your unnatural existence is to feed on the life force of people who are still living. Vampires are trapped in the nether of life and death. Above all else, that's what constitutes a vampire. If you're just born one, then that doesn't make any frelling sense! If you're born dead, I can get it. But you ain't growing up without a heartbeat and I don't see infants walking around trying to gum my neck open.

I can't believe I'm saying this... But the freaks claiming to be werewolves on this site make more sense than you people. You should be ashamed of yourselves. Go and tell your parents that you're a vampire. They'd eventually commit you if you don't just grow out of it.
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I said humans I don't like they don't like blood either they make fun of us by all the lies they said in twilight

What country are you from? Jesus Christ.

Dude, the Twilight series was written by one person. It is a work of fiction, and at long last, the movie series is over and will fade from the spotlight soon enough. America's current "vampire obsession" is tapering off, and some other supernatural fantasy thing will replace it. Probably zombies. I seriously doubt Twilight was written expressly to make fun of us. And if you adhere to the belief in the existence of "living vampirism", then you must accept that literally every story ever told about vampires are comprised of total lies. Every single story that contains some clue as to our origins must be discarded, and I'm not willing to do that just because Twilight ticked me off.

Why would you hate humans? Humans feed us... unless you're out hunting game animals for blood and (I hope) meat.

Ive said many times I hags humans I dispise those bad choice of taste they mock us never listen to them

I'm sorry. I only speak English. Care to translate?

Yes, please translate. I don't really understand what you meant to say either.

www. sanguinarius.org should answer some of your questions, by the way.

Care to lead me to an exact page on that website that would disprove any of my accusations? I'm not going to navigate through that. I did my research. Now it's your turn.

There isn't a single page to disprove your words. Also, you can't state that you "did your research" and then follow it with a sentence that you refuse to navigate through the largest and longest running vampiric resource page available online.

First off, we don't all exhibit classical symptoms of Renfield syndrome. I am not a psychologist, and I'm willing to bet you aren't either. You made a pretty good educated guess, and hell, maybe it is Renfield syndrome. We don't know.

Not all of us believe in or worship Lilith. We come from all walks of life and a variety of religious backgrounds. Many of us are atheist.

There are different vampiric types. Sanguines believe they need to consume blood to maintain health. Sexual types feed on sexual energy or fluids. Pranic/ energy vampires feed on life energy and often adopt the name of incubus (for males) or succubus (for females). And then there are the hybrids, who feed in more than one way.

There are loads of theories as to how living vampirism happened. I've posted mine on here. Other people believe it occurs through an energy deficiency, or damaged chakras, etc.

Personally, I'm not at all aroused by the thought of consuming blood. I really don't like it, and for a long time I was repulsed by it. I'm irish, dutch, and cherokee. I don't burn easily at all, though sunlight hurts my eyes.

We all know what vampires are around the world. We're aware of the legends and the mythology. We know the inaccuracy of our claim that we're vampires. But we use the name because it's the closest we can come to describing ourselves.

And if you're basing your opinion of modern vampirism solely on what you've read on this website, then by no means have you done any sort of research.

Technically I followed the claim that I wasn't going to sift through your stupid website with the claim that I did my research... Because I mentioned the fact that I did my research after I said I wasn't going to the website.

If it is Renfield's syndrome, then you're not a vampire. Ask your therapist, he'll tell you the same thing I did. You DO have a therapist, right?.. Oh God, I hope you do. But, it would be silly of me to say all of you people are just suffering from Renfield's syndrome. I hope that there are different reasons for different people thinking they're bloodsuckers.

Some of you are atheist??? I think you're talking about goths there. I know, I know - not much of a difference. The difference is that Goths are just dramatic. "Vampires" are psychotic. Seriously though, being a vampire is synonymous with the existence of a realm beyond mortal conception. What the ****? This is getting dumber and dumber! And if you don't worship the creator of the first frelling vampire, who do you worship?! Who the hell can possibly be your deity?!

Oh! There are different types of vampires!? I had no idea! Notice how I didn't mention that in my story!? Thank you so much for filling me in there. Whoo. I must have accidentally skipped over that part on every single page I read. I'll bite though (get it? Bite...), why are there different types? And I read about the sexual vampires. This is my strongest argument for vampiric fetishism. What is sexual energy? How do you get it? I read that sexual vampires get it from like a kiss or some such. If so, how do you trigger the soul sucking kiss instead of the regular kiss? I also read that I sign of a sexual vampire is an empty feeling after regular sex... That's normal. Shortness of breath as well... That's definitely normal.

Incubi and succubi take their energy from sex. So why is there a different class there? Plus - according to greek mythology - incubi and succubi are from HELL! Remember hell? I think you'd have to be a theist if you were sent to earth from HELL!

Give me the abridged version, Darwin. How do you think vampirism started?

You don't burn easily? Maybe because you're part native american. The sun hurts your eyes too? That's a sure sign of being a vampire! Maybe you should create a type of tinted eyewear that can block out the UV rays of the sun! You'd make billions. You can call them... Sunglasses! That's a perfect name, huh?

You used to be "repulsed" by the concept of consuming blood. The mind is a powerful thing. You can be drawn to something, yet repulsed by it at the same time. Maybe you liked the idea yet said you were repulsed because that could make for some good inner turmoil, just like in those vampire books you read. Fun, huh?

My last question. What is "energy?" Is it something we can see? Is it spiritual? Tangible? Is it a liquid, solid or gas? Or is it a plasma? How can we access this energy stuff and what sustenance can be gained from it?

It isn't my website. I didn't create it or contribute to it. I only used it as a reference point.
I agreed with you that there may be those within our community who have Renfield's, but that generalized diagnosis you have extended (and again I state that you are not a psychologist or therapist) hardly accounts for the literal thousands of individuals like me from all over the world who have observed from personal experience that they are unceasingly ill, which no amount of doctor visits, medical exams, blood panel tests, pills, patches, or creams can alleviate, but they discover (often accidentally) that with the simple act of consuming blood, from a willing and compassionate donor, their symptoms (depression, repeated infection, migraines, anemia, etc) are drastically reduced. Can we explain how it works? No, but we don't need to explain the mechanics of it to know it works. We witness it firsthand.
Actually, I don't have a therapist, because I don't have the insurance or income to pay for one. Care to foot the bill for me?
When I said that there are a great number of atheists among our community, I didn't mean to say "goths". If I had meant goths, I would have said "goths". When I say atheists, I quite literally mean that there are those among us who believe there is no creator. Same as any other atheist... and not all goths are atheist. Goth is a lifestyle choice, not a religious doctrine or lack of. Perhaps some vampiric people worship Lilith, but I don't. Many are also goths, but I'm not. I am a neo-hippie, and I follow the Great Mother. That doesn't mean all vampires are the same. I am only speaking for myself.
The vampiric community generally separates the different "types" based on feeding practices. Sanguines feed on blood. Sexual types feed on the energy of sexual activity. Pranic types feed on life energy, usually -but not always- through skin contact. Hybrids are those who feed in more than one way. I can't say how sexual vampires (incubi and succubi) feed, or how they differentiate an ordinary kiss from a feeding because I am not one. You'd have to ask one of them.

Many of us have a permanent pair of dark sunglasses on whenever we go outside. I can't because I need prescription glasses, so any time I manage to save up the $300 or so it costs to get a new prescription made, I also get transitions lenses. And if you had been paying attention, you would have read where I specifically stated that I personally don't burn easily because I am partly native american.
I am still a bit repulsed by consuming blood. But I dislike nausea similar to food poisoning, migraines so fierce and debilitating that I can't move, arthritis-like pain so horrible I can't hold a fork (I'm only 27!), depression to the point I consider suicide, and 38 hour insomnia a whole lot more. My husband is my loving and willing donor, and he usually sticks himself with the diabetic finger pricker we have without me asking. He can see the difference it makes when I push myself to go weeks without feeding, which I nearly always do. I have never, ever liked the idea of consuming blood and still don't. I hate that he must hurt in order for me to be well.
I really don't read many vampire books. Most of them are boring as hell. Most of the fiction I read is written by John Grisham, and he has never written the word "vampire" in any of his novels.
Energy is the substance that makes up everything and drives everything. It is spiritual and tangible. It is solid, liquid, gas, and plasma. You access this energy stuff every single time you eat, drink, or breathe, and your body converts the energy stored in those substances into a form of energy it can use to power itself. It's just that some of us must also consume a more refined version of it.

You know, for someone who has done their research, you sure do seem to come across as entirely ignorant of this subject and yet you speak as if from some lofty position of enlightenment, looking down from on high upon all of us "lesser" folk. Personally, I'm getting bored of all this. You've asked your questions and I've answered to the best of my ability... I have never and will never claim to be an expert.
As I said in my first reply to your post, literally no one is looking for your approval. Your disdain for me and others like me doesn't matter in the slightest in how I live my life. If it bothers you so much, then go somewhere else and quit wasting my time.

One final word on this whole thing. If you're "trying to amass a following" by branding all as delusional psychotics in one fell swoop, you're gonna be holding your breath for a long, long time. Maybe you should take your show on the road and find a group who agrees with you.

You got me. I am the most arrogant person you'll ever know. But that doesn't mean I don't know what I'm talking about.

I'm getting bored with this too. You seem completely oblivious to my antagonistic insinuations, and you seem to talk in circles. We ain't getting anywhere.

But I do still have the gumption to point out one more contradiction. You say that energy is "spiritual" in that exact word. Yet some "vampires" don't believe in the spiritual side of life? Give me a break.

And yes, I did do my research. But it's to give me a point to jump off of when the need arises. When I argue directly with someone, I play dumb. It's a method of debate in which you can get the most information at once. I figured you picked up on this, but I was obviously wrong; considering the fact that you keep insinuating that I didn't do my research. Seriously, sing a new song, would you?

If you had shown some of your research, maybe I'd believe it. You asked me for examples other than my own experience and I've given them. You've asked me for my own experience and I have shared it. Where is your evidence? What books, news articles, websites, and surveys have you witnessed? Taken part in?

When you volunteer to pay for long term therapy that you insist I so desperately need (see above "Oh please god, I DO hope you have a therapist") *maybe* then I would care about whether or not you approve of me. I live a peaceful life and I don't cause unnecessary harm to you or others with what I do.

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I'm about to blow you're mind. You ready? Here it goes:

Literally no one is looking for your approval. And literally no one will change their tune based on this or any other post you make.

Hey, your approval would **** me off a bit.

That's fine, because I'm not extending it.