Are you guys, like, into Twilight and crap? Cuz this group wasn't that popular until then... maybe making up stories like this is fun?
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Haha. I think that you're correct. Vampires weren't as bit a deal until Twilight came out.

Thank you haha finally someone with some common sense hahahaha O.o

I hate twilight, and not just because of the insults it hurls on vampires and wolves.

I can only speak for myself as to my vampirism. Here is my story if you're interested

You might also want to check out for more information.

A bit obsessive with that website, ain't we?

fine. here's two more good sites to check out. I used alot because I personally think it's the best one. For someone who has done their research, you sure don't seem to know much about this lifestyle.

Those websites all point to the fact that some people have pica, and have cravings for things that aren't noramlly edable.

Twilight is a total joke. Don't group us (vamps or wolves) with those stereotypes

Eh, you might be a joke. Notice the word "might".

As far as I'm aware I am not a joke. Though the wolves in Twilight look quite fuzzy (my mate's aunt dragged me with them to watch it) they're completely fake. And no vampire sparkles in the damn light. It's infuriating to watch or listen to. If you read stories it's easy to pick out the fakes and twilighters.



U said it my mom read the books and wanted ME of all people to go with her to see the movies. It was bluntly insulting.

These two really don't get it...

Get what exatly? I am a werewolf. And I am reading all yours stories I can't stop Lmfao!! I'm sorry I can't hold my self back.. And I bet you all don't get hunters like we do.. Do you?

I hate it when the people I'm insulting find my jokes funny... It makes me feel bad.

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Twilight is an insult

What do you mean?

An insult to us, vampires

It's degrading

Ohh, and how do you know you are a vampire?

Not hard to tell

But there's a condition called Hematolagnia...and maybe you have overly sensitive skin...and maybe you have an overactive imagination?

*facepalm* so you're a skeptic, that's a good thing, you don't believe everything you hear, but I probably shouldn't waste my time trying to explain. Ill admit many on here are lying but a few I can pick out which are real who I have contact with

Hmm, sounds sort of logical...-.-

You are so cute how old are you?



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