What I Don't Understand Is...

What makes you people vampires? Or vampiric? And why do some of you consider the consumption of blood to be healthy? It's really not. And it's dangerous. Like...some of you claim that you can't live without consuming blood. I think it's all in the mind. Some obvious hype that someone started, and when others came across it, they probably just imagined having symptoms because it's something they want to be.
I strongly believe that the mind is a powerful thing. And if one stows a lot of belief into a particular thing, it becomes real in their eyes. This makes a lot of sense to me.
Agree, disagree. Doesn't matter. But there's no proof. So you like the taste of blood. Okay. So you burn in the sun. Alright. So you dress in dark clothes and have pointed teeth. Awesome. Still, based on those details alone, it doesn't explain why you're a vampire. What it explains is that you're a person who has an odd eating habit, is sensitive to the sun, and has sharp teeth.
So, I don't know. Anyone can claim to be something or someone they're not.
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Read my story... it is far from uncommon among our community http://www.experienceproject.com/stories/Am-Vampiric/2818543

You are absolutely right when you say the mind is a powerful thing and can cause physiological changes in the body and the health of the individual. People are absolutely able to convince themselves of anything. That's why so many studies have confirmed that patients with a positive attitude get well much faster than those who don't. It's why some people are able to 'swallow' swords, perform fire walks, or sympathize with and even love their kidnappers.
However, things can still exist without "proof" of their existence. Viruses and bacteria caused infection for centuries before microscopes and antibiotics came about. Distant galaxies did not burst into existence out of nothingness the moment Galileo invented the telescope. Lightning bolts have always been composed of electricity even though explaining them as such only happened a couple hundred years ago. The world has always been round. Science is a valuable tool for measuring the world, but we step into folly when we make the declaration that "nothing exists at all unless there is scientific proof of its existence". Science doesn't 'make' things exist, it can only prove what is already there. Do you understand?

As for the wearing black, burning in sunlight, and having pointed teeth... I can only speak for myself. I do wear a lot of black, but it's because I LOVE Metallica, most of my shirts are Metallica shirts, and most of their T-shirts are black. I'm lucky enough to have a good portion of Cherokee in my DNA so the sun doesn't burn my skin very easily, but it sure does stab tiny daggers into my eyes, so I wear sunglasses if I'm out during the day. Everyone's eye teeth are pointed, and I'm actually very glad mine aren't long. I've worn Halloween fangs plenty, and they get in the way of talking, drinking, eating, and even smiling.

It's true that some people fake it, but some people are telling the truth. Just because one person is faking dsnt mean they all are. I mean to be honest that's the same thing wolves(yes wolves) have with humans. Just because some are bad dsnt mean that they all are. This seems to happen a lot, just because one is bad or fakes dsnt mean they all are.

The consumption of blood is only healthy if you know the donor's whole medical history. Knowing if they're clean of diseases that can be transferred that way and such. All sanguine vampires look into this before taking blood from anyone

Nah. All "smart and responsible" sanguines do this.
Except for me, because my donor was my husband for 2 1/2 years before he became my donor. I had a pretty sound knowledge of his status by that point.

Agreed I have always screened my donors even ones that I've known for years.