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My friend found out I was feeding again. I was at a donor and apparently it was a friend of hers. That would have been nice to know. Anyway I'm not on a chair obviously but I am trapped in my room (we share a house) she literally nailed the door shut. And all the windows are boarded up. I'm in here with dominoes, this, and books. She says she'll let me out when I can control myself from feeding. Obviously I get food, through a hole in the door she cut out. We talk but it's mostly me yelling at her to let me out and banging on the door. Being deprived of blood a few days after you finally got it again is cruel and unusual punishment. I'm stuck I'm here and apparently she'll be joining EP very soon. I never thought id say that my werewolf friend has me trapped in a room with dominoes and books while not letting me feed.
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... kick down the door? lol

If you have internet access you can get help from the law. Call the police and get yourself out of there. Real friends don't imprison their friends, crazy controlling people who claim to be friends do that. She needs psychiatric help, because if she is willing to imprison you in a room there is no telling what she might do next. If you're not willing to help yourself then you deserve to stay in that room.
Also, wolves are NOT dogs. Dogs descended from wolves through human intervention. Wolves are wolves on their own without human help.

-_-" she really doesn't understand it does she? Well she has to go out some time or another. So why not try and find a route then? Or just calmly try to explain to her what happens when you don't feed and try and explain it in a way she'd understand.

She thinks it's for my own good

She nailed the door and boarded up all the windows, how am I supposed to get out

This is NOT for your own good. Doing this could harm both you and even more humans than if you just fed off a donor

Well how am I supposed to get out

I can't call anyone, she's not stupid

Ugh I'm starving, besides I'm not putting my friend in jail I just need to find a way out

Would you put your friend in jail?

I am so going to try that

Yeah I'm not feeding on my friend

No dog is going to be my owner

That isn't my fault

I am not a pet.

I just need to find a way out

They're on the outside , the edges of the board are on the outside of the wall but I suppose if I used a book I could break it, but I have to do it when she sleeping

I just gotta wait till she's out of the house or something

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Oh, she is most likely doing it to make her seem superior. Sometimes us werewolves do crazy stuff.

I need to somehow make a rota out of this.