Madness, Power, Insanity....

I have always felt it, but its surfacing. I Always had large insizers but there huge now. I go out and drink blood, I feel pure power, in the cafeteria, I hear everyone's conversations clearly, no mingled but separate. I football player tried to fight me. I hit him in the face and hit his shoulder. There's a dent in his face and his arm popped out. So we moved and I have not been targeted since. I feel this power, this lust. I now I mustn't soil this power, this life....but I find it hard. More and more, I feel insanity building, taking over... Soon they will take me in as a apprentice, and I can train under the guides of superiors. I didn't ever feel this power, this lust till 2 years ago, on a full moon, during a storm, on my birthday. I was born under the same conditions, but I felt it take hold of my very being. Now, I wonder, wonder what's next.
DylanIndian DylanIndian
1 Response Jan 28, 2013