I Am A Vampire

hello there. i know most of you do not believe that i am a vampire or even that we exist so im gonna ask you....any questions?
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why is painful? what is the advantage and disadvantage?

control, better senses, agonising bloodlust.

hey..how is to be a vampire? you like it? you fly ? you read minds? you walk on sun?

painful, no, nope, not me, what?!

Twilight is an insult to me and my two vampire friends....we have all been vampires and know that we don't sparkle or crap like that its rude to right fake crap about us right?

IMO, no, it isn't rude, and it isn't an insult. It's an awful book series and an even worse movie series, but they were written to entertain people and make money and they did that job well. That's capitalism for you.

What piqued your interest in vampires?

before i found out what i was, i wasn't realy interested in vampires or anything like that. my freinds were ofcourse obsessed with twilight, i hated it. i never "got it" and i'd never read/watched dracula. i didn't care for vampires atall but then i started seeing some differences in myself. i became more violant. i had horrific scenes in my head. i was becoming paler, alot paler (even though i was out in the sun as much as i normaly was). my eyesite was better and i could hear for miles. one of my freinds has said that my reflexs has gotten much, much faster and i became obsessed with blood. one day at school, i stared at one boys neck throughout the whole lesson (i don't think i even blinked). i wanted his blood so bad and i could smell it. this was it, i must be a vampire but i never wanted to admit it so i researched everything, trying to prove or disprove that i am a vampire. everything proved that i am right. i still don't want to beleive it but what can i do. i only got interested in vampires, so that i can try and find peace of mind. that never happened.