Always Wanted....

I have never met a vampire in person and have always wanted to meet one.
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Vampires would probably kill you really quickly. You have a better chance of not dying if you meet a werewolf.

That isn't true at all -_-" if it were, then no one would be alive that met my mother. And yet they're all alive

I agree with ezekah, gryphon, and cootie. There are a lot of us out there and you probably know at least one without knowing it. Ive only told three humans about my being a vampire and they knew me for years before I did. Each one asked me at one piont or another if i was I just said no. I didn't trust my closest friends with my secret for years so you never know who is and who isn't.

oh Qtpiecedez, honey, you're not a vampire, no-one is.

I believe you are Stuipd sir

You both are idiots. Just saying. BTW i'm not a he.

I want to know if i am really a vampire

comes out of the shadows and says yes we are many and we are strong and are shy we do not talk that much cept to our own kind

im a vampire and..<br />
i have fangs and ...<br />
i can run faster than the usual person and i turn into a bat at night, garlic is not my friend, i am dealy afraid fence posts becuase the resmelble the deathly steak<br />
<br />
we are one and we are few but we are sexy mingas and we will eat you 1!!!!!!!!

what. the. hell! u make fun a discrace to the vampire name!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lmfao nice

hey, i want to meet one too. vampires fascinate me.

lol,you humans are so funny!xD

what state you live in and i could have one of my friends pay you a nightly call.

there are quite a many of fact you probably know one as it is......or another one of the "paranormal".

they steiotype of vampires being loners or associating with small groups only is mostly true though. and we don't wear it on our sleeves like people who just want to be vampiric

i like youre thinking. :)

well we sort of have to be

Gryphonheart speaks truth! We are many, but we are shy. I don't know that anybody I know in person knows this about me.

Hey vampires and werewolves exist in this website

lies i tell you! im actually a vampire 50% and 50% werewolf! so please shut yo mouth!

There actually are more of us than you would think...

I know vampires exist and not like in the movies, but have always been curious. :)

Well, you know one now. :-)<br />
<br />
We do exist, just not like the movies..