This is blood for proof because I am a vampire in real life
liammurray123 liammurray123
16-17, M
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That is not real blood cause I have seen real human and animal blood

Right, blood, known by its scientific name of pomegranate juice.

Go a way

By the way, nice clip on tie, kid.

your gay

What is the source of the blood, and do you drink it?

It is cow blood and yes I drink it

When did you first realize you were a vampire?

Last week

What does it mean to you to be a practicing vampire?

Really cool

How will your life change? Can you describe a typical day of vampire life?

What do you mean

What do new vampires do?

They lean things before they can fly

A vampire must learn basic skills?

Perhaps from other vampires?

Yes that is right

What is the first skill you will master ?


Are you there


Fly?? First we sparkle, then know everything and now we FLY?? real vampires don't fly

Vampires do not fly idiot

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