What do I say to someone who wants to be turned? I've been asked a few times and I just don't know if i should,humans are kind of getting on my nerves.
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listen ..can you turn my friend. I'll be responsible for her. Im no vamp and but im not human either. she wont get out of hand. She's been wanting this for a long time and er longing to be one of you only gets stronger and I cant talk her out of it. she's so determined to prove herself worthy to all you vamps .

First you shouldn't unless their about to die and they want to be turned cause you need to teach them how to live as a vampire not just make them one but if not just say no cause they are so many reasons why being a vampire is a curse and nothing can even make it seem like a gift

And don't turn someone, you don't want to be responsible for a total stranger

What I would say to them: why would we want to turn others to spread pain if there's no benefit for either party?

There are also no benefits to vampirism. Vampirism has no upsides. Just pain, and dependency.

You want to become a vampire, not because of anything about being a vampire, just because it's a vampire, something different, something "cool"?
Well believe me there is nothing "cool" about it and if I had the chance to be a "normal" human I would take that chance in a second!

And it's insane how many people want to be "turned" They ask me about it all the time

Thank you that helps a lot :)

my pleasure, I know what it's like to deal with those questions constantly. I've had one who first wanted to be my slave, then my donor and when I still didn't want to turn him he claimed he would find and kill me.
Already crazy as a human being, let alone what would happen to him when if he became a vampire with the need to feed

How strange,i've never had a human do something like that or say anything like that to me,what did you do?

Just keep refusing his request to be turned, they get tired of it eventually

Hmm well thanks :)

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