My friend and i think we're vampires. we have sharp teeth/fangs, we have black circles around our irises, and sometimes when we're bleeding we suck our own blood (it tastes good) so are we vampires?
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My name is Tristan, I've been a vampire for 7 years, since I was 13. 2 Years after being turned, I met others like myself who taught me more about the supernatural world and about my own body and abilities. We eventually started a group that has become known today as The House of the Protettore, based out of Central Michigan. The others grew distant with time leaving me to lead The House, and I have done so ever since. First let me say no, the traits you listed do not make you a vampire. The House has a vast database of information about vamps and few other species as well, however I'm afraid we can only grant members access to that information. If you'd like more info either about vamps or just The House of the Protettore, don't hesitate to message me and ask.

wow i love how you think vampires are real

Based on this limited information, I would say no. Sharp teeth, black circles around the irises, and enjoyment of the taste of blood don't make you a vampire.

why do you people need to be alive

vampires arent real there fakers so they like blood that means ****

Chuck, sorry to say but you are wrong.

Hahahah u make le laugh . I think u watch vampire movies so much

stfu vampires are real and this stuff actually happens if u are 1

Ok i promise you i will give u my slef to try suck my blood .

no! i'm not one who sucks other's blood! i don't wanna harm others!

Dont worry it my pleasure to suck my blood .

Hicham, vampires and werewolves and witches are all real. There's an entire community out there that you are completely oblivious to. Try doing some research before making such an ignorant statement.

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