I HATE myself!! The girl I liked found out I'm a vampire and now she is freaked out by me!
Yoranco Yoranco
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:( Dont Hate yourself!!
I'm sure she will accept it over time ^^ if you like her dont give up, and Please Dont Hate yourself D:

I do and I always will

Does she think your crazy or does she believe you

She does believe me

Well at least she believes you so the next step is showing that you are not evil

Give her a few days. She'll probably come around. Good friends always do. She most likely just needs some time to process it is all.
Oh and how did she catch you feeding?

She just walked in the room and saw me and the person I was feeding from and I tried to talk to her but she ignores me

Was it obvious that you were feeding or could it have looked "romantic"?

No it wasn't romantic at all

Then its back to square one. Give her time, hope for the best.

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What kind of relationship did you have before she caught you? Friends, classmates, neighbors?
Did she know you liked her?

Yes she did and we were friends

Are you a scary vampire?


Maybe she's creeped out because she thinks you aren't one.

Oh she knows I am

How? Did you bite her?

No she saw me drinking blood

Why not just tell her it's kool-aid?

Because a relationship based on lies is nothing at all

That's true.

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