What Is This

I have to drink blood or I get headaches and my vision blurs.  My teeth aren't sharp so I have to cut myself to get at it.  I wouldn't say I'm a vampire but something is WRONG.  I need to meet a vampire to ask them some questions.  You can feed if you want as long as I can ask you some stuff.  Respond if you're interested.

Neiro Neiro
3 Responses Mar 20, 2009

Oh God don't offer yourself up for feeding!

here are some simple things. vampires dont burn in the sun, at garlic, at holy water or crosses. we dont live forever and are not undead. wooden steaks dont kill us. we cant fly or turn to bats. we dont need blood to survive. we just crave blood and or only sensitive to sunlight. we are also not enemies with werewolves. im a werepire. if we were mortal enimies, how could i be both?

I'm pretty sure stakes would kill just about anything

What do you want to know?