Unknown Vampric.

im a teen that just does not fit in with anyone u would think that would live in florida. my skin is pale white i do get very cold when the weather is fiercely hot and my eyes change color from green black brown and blue and sometimes a deep red. i hate any type of food that is not meat (i really have no idea why) and i walk around school with eyes on me everyday. kids accuse me of being "dead" or "the walking undead" because my skin never gets tan no matter how long i stand out in the sun. people who hang with me get very tired after about 5 minutes. and the scariest thing. people that i hate, one of their family members die about 1 month after i start hating them.(that has happend to me 6 times now) i guess i have this thing called a Adrenaline rush...thats what my doctor said. i have this quick move and i can get to something very fast. my dentist is scared of my mouth cause i broke 2 of her untincils just by a quick bite accedentially. and every now and then i can do probally unimaginable things. i have jumped 15ft from a deck and landed on my feet no bones broken. i have slept for 7 days straight (no it wasnt a coma) i have threw a football 70yds. i have stayed under water for 3 minutes and 12 seconds. i have deja vue alot and 3 months ago i told my mom out of nowhere my uncle was going to die and she grounded me for a week for saying that cause there was nothing wrong with him and just 2 days ago he died in his sleep. i decided i needed help to see if there were other people like me i wanna know am i a vampire?? it seems the most logic explaination. no one else be sides my friends dad has experimented with my "supernatural powers" i supposely can talk to ghosts. i can also move things with my mind if i try very very very  hard. i have moved things about 10-13 times. i have moved 5 chairs about 3 vases and i have thrown a glass across a room and moved a credit card a couple of times. i dont know what i am but what i first noticed when i was 7 i had deja vue. i saved my dad from having a car accedent i saw it in my dream woke up and called my dad i had saw the street sign in my mind and i asked my dad what street he was on he said the street in my mind and i told him to stop i yelled at him for 3 seconds and he said fine ill stop..2 seconds later he saw a car that got scraped by the tip of his bumper. my dad was probally not even 8 seconds from near death. i dont know what i am or who i am but...i want to know. ive gone on countless sites and not much people belive me. but these things are real i have done all these things in my life. if indeed i am vampire or something..maybe super hero? i would like to help people and society. i would want to use my powers. but i need to know what to call myself. what am i? a freak?

XxRavenxX XxRavenxX
13-15, F
1 Response Mar 24, 2009

no you are not a freak, have you ever been bitten by "something",when did you first get blood cravings,and has your mother and father always appeared "normal". tell me im jmdb