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I believe I am a vampire. Although I may not be what you might think is a vampire. But I am in many ways similar to a vampire, and that is something I will not deny. However, whether or not I am a vampire, or simply much like a vampire remains to be seen.

Enough rambling. A bit of proof perhaps. All I can say is this. I prefer the night. Not because of darkness, not because it's the night and the sunlight burns me. I simply prefer the evening because it allows me to do things in solitude, and thus, in peace.

I like to bite. In sex or even in play, I love biting. There is something satisfying about feeling the flesh of a living being between your teeth. That you are causing pain, but not mortally wounding someone, and not in a crass sort of fashion.

Finally, I relish the taste of blood. Whether it be my own or my lover's, I find the taste of blood to be quite enjoyable. I don't go out of my way to obtain it, nor would I die without it. But it is something quite intoxicating.

That is all I have to say. Belief or disbelief...that is all up to you.
Brleha Brleha 18-21, F 7 Responses Sep 1, 2007

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pranic vampires? It doesnt matter which part of the person the vampire takes the energy from, its still psychic vampirism. :-)

Ah yes, but then there are vampires that say they simply feed off the energy that is emitted from ones' aura. I can't remember the exact word off the top of my head, but they do exist. As such, there are different types of vampires. So although I may not fall into the category of a physical vampire, I may be one of the other types.

No living vampire HAS to drink blood for the sake of drinking it but for the energy it contains.. thats why its pointless drinking your own blood as its yours so will be lacking in energy if thats what youre drinking it for! I drink blood to get the energy of the donor I'm drinking it from and a vampire does need energy to survive.

Ah yes, but I do require energy to survive. As do most people. It have to specify. See, personally, I don't feel that if you say you drink blood, that you need it to survive. I feel that's mainly the work of fiction. that's an entirely different story. Since all humans require energy (that's what makes us living beings), you cannot say that a vampire is someone who needs energy for survival. However, a vampire is someone who leeches energy from others. That's what seperates the two.

you may be a blood fetishist rather than a vampire. If you find blood and biting sexually arousing then you are a blood fetishist, if you need blood and energy to survive, you are a vampire.

Very true. It's an interesting concept.

i've had people call me a vampyre because i have sharp and pointy teeth and my eyes are very sensitive to sunlight and i also prefer to live at night. i go to bed at 5 or 6 am mostly... <br />
I guess if there weren't so many novels about vampyres with different types of vampyres it would be easier to make out what a vampyre is really like... Because I don't believe in these romantic motives like Dracula but I do believe that there are beings like vampyres... but I think humanity has forgotten how to identify them correctly...