But Not Like You Read About.

I have sharp "vampire teeth" (I have even accidently bit a hole in my tongue before), twelve of them. I like the dark, and I'm not a big fan of the heat. I dont' go outside often. I have very pale skin. I have peircing eyes and long dark hair. I love the taste of blood and black is my favorite color. But, I also like the color white. And I wear a cross earing. I definitely believe in God and pray every night. I may not be as sexy as a vampire, but I find vampires to be absolutely sexy. I love to bite, too. Maybe I am a vampire, maybe I'm not. But I like to think that I could be.
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10 Responses Sep 3, 2007

Can you explain dear?

its not fun

ThisIsNotBilly, thank you for your comment! Made me feel a little sexier today. =]

I dig the fangs, like the chick from the Sneaker Pimps!<br />
Anyway I like your whole vampire thing it's sexy, I've always had a thing for that sexy vimpiress look, the pale skin, black hair, fangs, etc...

Heart4theworld, thank you for what you said! Thats really nice and I appreciate it. I agree, the uniqueness of every person does have the capabilities of touching someone's heart.

If your heart thinks it sexy, then you are sexy. The uniqueness of every person has the capabilites of touching someone's heart, and what's what makes it sexy!

I agree, alabastardragon. Although, *most* wish they had not. But not all.

Yes vampirism is something you are born with and most who have been often wish they had not. Its not an easy life.

You are right it is not an easy life and it is one I would not wish on anyone. But I was born this way so nothing I can do about it.

You could always get those fake extenders for your canines! Then you'd have the teeth. Muahaha! :D

me too, I wanted to be a vampire for a long time last year but I guess its something you are born with.

kinda,u can be born with it or u can be turned. yes its possibly to be turned.