This Is a Goal of Mine


Because I...ah, Intend to be a vampire. One day it will be in my 'experiences' and then you'll know...I have joined the legions of the night.

I'll probably spend less time on here when that happens, because I'll be busy having fun as a vampire.

But I'll likely also set up an 'I want to be a vampire' group and take requests.

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i want to be a vampire

becomeing a vampire ISINT all fun and games. i should know. i was 4 when my mom turned me. dieing of something i caint recall. but, the pain. i do remember the vemum. it stung like 50000 knives stabbing my arm all at once. then, i black out. i wake up and look around, and all i can feel is the erge to kill something. my mom explaines it all to me. but, giveing the fact that my school yard is shaded by trees, i can still go to school. so you see, becomeing a vampire isint all that good. you have to restrain yourself, keep out-of-sight, CAINT go hunting everynight, people will start to cetch on that somethings wrong, and so on. but, beyond that, there is the immortality. most have the Disrespect for it. such as the "Fangers" as my sister calles them. the people who crave to be vampire, but caint be. you? i would consider you one of them. while you may be nice, dont take this as something plesant.(Sorry for the spelling. i may be 18, but that dosent mean i can spell.) (and No not 18 in normal years -_-)

Your energy story fits well with my experience as an energon. Thanks for sharing

hey conner, I like your attitude!

I love the fact that this topic still draws people in, like sweet sweet blood to a thirsty vampire hmmmm?<br />
Oh you people, how you brighten my day... and also frighten my night?

i am a vampire so if you want to die just call me up

God. why is every one so touchy about us? its not that big of a deal. and changing a human into a vampire is very possible. i myself have done it. but its incredibly dangerous to the one your changing and yourself. it involves draining almost all of the blood from the both of you. i myself will only do that again if i love them and they really want to understand me and such.

yeah, that can happen on here

Whoa, this became weird over a period of years.

why should anyone need to prove anything really? Posers and wannabe's can be annoying, but if it angers you enough to harm such people, maybe you haven't been getting enough human in whatever it is you're feeding on. i assume you do feed, since you are indicating you are one of my kind.<br />
<br />
Why do you think so few awakend stick around the internet? We like to avoid the annoying people rather than get angry over them. Just relax and go watch Vampires Suck

You think you guys are vampires? You talk the talk, you have no idea what force you are messing with don't make us hurt you. I don't like liars. They disgust me. Prove it. If you really are. This not a hoax. Just a messenger.

Some people live in the most fascinating universes.

actually there are a wide variety of vampires and lifestylers and energy workers and even witches that deal with the sucking of energy or the taking of blood.there are real vampires, not completely like the stories but indefinate lifespan would be more accurate as far as their immortality goes. There are those who have certain symptoms that are similar to the vampire condition so they call themselves vampires because that is what they associate best with. You can be turned into both kinds. an actual vampire can turn you through many different techniques but there is only one way to be turned into a modern vampyre which is not a pleasant experience, mentally speaking, for the one being turned and this transformation is forced through the astral/metaphysical plane. There are people who are energy workers that take energy from others without asking so that they may use others powers as opposed to their own. There are necromancers that deal with the dead and have the peak of their power at night. There are blood rituals used by certain witches but I would not suggest that. I would go into more detail on every type of person that relates to vampires or is mistakenly called one and those who actually are vampires but i need to be going. I know much on such subjects because I have experience in all of them. More in some than others. goodbye for now.

Of course, vampires are born like aliens... we can't TURN into aliens no more then we can vampires.<br />
Nice talking with you, hope it's all true.

Sorry your dream will never come true. Vampires aren't made...they are born that way...if anyone says they can turn you it's a scam and you should walk away. Vampires also don't want to take energy...they need it to survive or else they get really sick...<br />
<br />
People who take energy when they don't need it are just bad people...those and people who put in fake fangs and try to look like Dracula or Lestat are called lifestylers....please try not to get sucked in. -_- <br />
<br />
Honestly seem like you'd make a good story teller...<br />
<br />
Also vampires are not sexless...and they don't have to wear black...they could be your local cheerleader...or your dentist...

I was like 5 and I made a kid faint by touching them. is that normal?? I felt very full thought when they did faint... lol (i know its not funny but im 13

hmm. yeah, you can't make anyone into anything. any human being is capable of drawing energy if they know how though. the thing that makes one vampiric is the need for it. when i was a kid I tried to deny this part of myself, and into adulthood. for me the fantasy was that I was normal

Revelation time. For a period of at least 2-3 years at primary school (age approx 9-11ish) I convinced a range of people that I was what I called an 'Energon'. I made up a back story for the Energons (a war at the dawn of man between blood drinking vampires and Energy Sucking Energons) I can say I honestly believed that I could siphon energy from other people, especially those I disliked, and often the actions of those people would 'confirm' this belief within me. I managed to amass a following, people I took time to convince believed it (So long as they could also become Energons through the exchange of Energon energy); I convinced myself to believe it. I'm not sure when I clicked to my own self-deception, I think it came about naturally as I came up with more interesting social experiments and gradually phased out this belief as more interesting ideas came along. <br />
Anyway, revelation being that once upon a time I carefully convinced myself and others that we were energy sucking beings, made me feel special. Of course, we can all deceive ourselves if we will it enough; the question is when we start trying to deal with a reality that is far more complex and involving then the delusion.<br />
Sermon over.

for a vampire, drinking blood and/or feeding on energy does grant a lot of bennefits. clears away mental and emtional illness, improves strength and health, and it makes a lot of us need less food and sleep. But immortality? nothing is immortal except the spiritual, that's a law of the universe. even stars die

Well, were it real vampirism in that the drinking of blood provided a type of immortality then that would be fine. But to beleive that you are a vampire when you are not is treading in dangerous fantasist territory.

Oooooookay. So Vampires are leukemia patients who eat a lot of carrot?<br />
<br />
And even if that's what JMDB meant, it implies that he/she has had little or no exposure to pop-culture. Not just movies but in every media! I find that very hard to believe given that JMDB is on the internet. <br />
But then I find the whole 'vampires are real' worrying in general. Delusions that involve real blood are not positive things.

Angeladark; I am referring to the statement 'I have never heard of being turned' which suggests jmdb has missed pretty much every piece of pop-culture relating to vampires. <br />
<br />
Brutmystik, come and fly over here then :) Yeah I'm on and off here, coming and going depending on life in general.

i think he is referring to real vamps, NOT pop culture

SMEB! I will do it. I would love to bite you!!! Long time no see...

You've never heard of being turned? Where do you live; The part of the internet that knows nothing of pop culture?

hey sorry to ruin your fun,but you have to be born one you cant be turned(ive never heard of being turned)

wow. some of this is kinda funny. but vampire wanna be's suckng energy? those aren't wanna be's unless they take the energy and they don't need it. a vampire is defined mostly bay needing the energy that they get either psychicly or through drinking blood

i take a ton of energy out of people i even get them raged so i can just get more energy i can't help it but i feel so much better afterwards

Wow, I was so spaced out in my previous comment, one of my less realistic moments (When I phase out of this dimension and glimpse the more sinister neighbouring worlds).<br />
Vampires are very attractive, and the fact they are sexless beings makes them even more so I suppose. They do not have sex, but come pretty close with the whole blood sucking thing (And the pleasure usually associated).<br />
I think I wouldn’t have a problem with the biting thing, when I was young I sometimes left my window open on the off-chance a vampire would swoop in and vampirise me.

i find the idea of vampires fascinating and i am intriqued by most 'good' vampire movies. to me, the male vampires appear to be so seductive and alluring, you kinda forget that they have to plunge their teeth into your neck and suck your blood to turn you into one. but i guess in some twisted way, the taboo of it all, is just so sexy.

I saw a man in a dark cloak walking the streets last night, I waved...but he didn't look up. Later I saw him turn some homeless man into a vampire... What a shame! I threw some garlic, I was raging.<br />
I'd be the strongest vampire of all, as an atheist the cross wouldn't affect me! <br />
Did you know the vampires control politics? Prisons are no more then blood farms, the vampires have their own luxurious dwellings below each and every prison, and some nights they drug the prisoners so they'll sleep through the stealthy attacks, all the authority figures you know are aware of it, and I encourage you to ask them very specific questions about this practice.<br />
Honest! I got an email about it! I was so concerned I sent it to twenty of my best friends and encouraged them to do likewise.<br />
Sorry, my heads in a funny place. I just finished ‘The Stepford Wives’ in one sitting at work… I’m a little spaced out.

Keep us posted, bro. =D

Fearless Vampire Killers. Directed by Roman Polanski. Starring Sharon Tate. -- A must-see.

I used to dream that I was a child vampire in the Old West...I was always sitting in this wagon with a tawny haired woman who was wearing a pink, silky dress. I know I was a little boy, because I was wearing a hat...

I like that one..I take it you have met them then..8-}

I've always called them 'saps', because they 'sap' the energy from any gathering.

I know some Vampire wanna be's they don't quite suck the blood out of you just yet, just the know any? 8-/