I Am A Vampire

I am a vampire....eh not much else to say always been pretty in tune with the ethereal and what not. I am no psychic though I am a sang. Maybe because the direct link from person to person gives me the amount of energy I need? I'm not sure just a thought. What should I say? I am the real thing yada yada yada? To bad none of my family or friends can know. I have known I was for the past 5 years. Been keeping it secret. It seems the best way until I have nothing left to lose then I might come clean. What would I say though? "Hey there my good friend joe guess what? I drink blood." I don't think so. My folks arent the understanding type. I do seem to have slowed my aging process but immortal not quite. thats for sure. healing speeds up a little bit as well but I still die like everyone else I still have work to do. I still break bones that dont heal 5 seconds later. It is what it is.

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I'm more of a werewolf girl...:D

uhhh.... okay. What was the point of reviving a topic that's been dead for 9 months just to say that?

Awww no reason! Do you mind I'm randomly searching ep thank you!

That's fine. It's a big enough internet for everyone. No need to get your undies in a wad, I only asked a question.

Lol im a defensive person :P

Seems to me (from personal experience) to be a very combative manner of moving through life.... but to each their own.

That was a deep phrase xD but cool...cool...

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The only thing different is that you somehow need blood? It sounds more like a disease than vampirism.

I would like to be your friend

recently i've done a pact with the devil, 'cause i wanted to be a vampire. i wasn't shore that it was gonna work but.. now i just think about blood, i want to drink it all the time. food doesn't taste the same . my eyes hurt when i'm walking during the day, and sometimes they turn red at night. i'm getting more seek every day. i don't sleep much but it doesn't make any difference to me, i wake up just fine .. <br />
and, for example , today i've smelt blood from a person who was a bit far from me.. is this a sign ? am i becoming a vampire ?

can i ask you something ? i believe in everything you've said, but i really need to know how did you found that you were not a normal person ..

Even if u say being vampire u still have to live the same old human stuff, I still think it would be awesome to be one...

i like the way a good dose takes away all my worries and makes my euphoric for days, calm for weeks after. the anxiety i get when I'm not feeding just about kills me


i am not a twilight freak.<br />
i HATE twilight<br />
.<br />
.<br />
,<br />
.... . . . . . . Sparkly HAHAH twilight sucks... sorry. but vampires rule!1

just send me a message inderstand. we can talk privately

heheyouwsh Plz can u help me if u have been like this 4 a while u might be able to helpme i dnt knwo wat to do and i can not get my self to kil an animal 4 blood i am strti to freak my family otu cuz i am always cold this is no joke plz help

message me

may i talk to the vampier i have all ways been intregued by them my friends that i am nuts and i should give up my sheerch but i am a determined person.

I never said there was anything wrong. It was a confession to the public but made anonymously because I can't just bring it out into the "light" under a real name.

willow I have noticed that your posts here have not been productive and seem only to demean those you post about so please leave kindly.

Yeah we do say so, so what!

Yeah we do say so, so what!

That is really awesome to know I'm not the only one.

send me a message with a more in depth question please but no i dont burst in flames and jump from 80 story buildings.

Just message me. I have no problem answering any questions you may have.

awesome, would love to get to know this vampire.

heh think I am not smart enough to get blood work done on myself to check for such things?

r u sure ur a vamp coz there r so many disease in which people r addicted to drink blood of others.......