im here to put our differences aside help my kind take over and together we shall rule the world vamps and werewolves

together we shall be more powerful than anyone can imagine

what do you say?????

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ok humans can be idiots and we all know that and I've seen your story but we cannot take this world by force, it isn't possible, millions will die , your kind my kind and humans, they'll fight back, don't even ask us to recruit them.

Sorry to put a wrench in your plan but therians and vampires are all human. There is no anyone being above anyone else. There is only being slightly different in certain aspects.

i like how mostly wolves commented on this and one f*g human

you've been watching too much underworld

Well, to all those "uninformed" vampires and lycans, i have created a treaty called the treaty of the night which allows vampires and werewolves to live peacefully both with themselves and the Casters and zombie clans. I am a vampire diplomat who believes that we rely on humans to move the world forward, although many of their motives are ill-got. Secondly, the Hunters aren't going to lay down and die without a fight. Nor will they make a peace treaty, I have tried. Vampires and Lycans are hard to compromise with but with perserverance we can. It will be tougher by the fact that a certain vampire (no names stated) killed a lycan of high standing under the influence of a vampire of high standing. This age-old blood war is made worse by cross-breeding. Many vampires fall in love with lycans and their offspring are halfbloods. These are killed as traitors to both clans. Please, if there are any willing lycan diplomats who would attend the next Midnight meeting let me know. I need all the help I can get if we're going to stop this war and take our rightful place as rulers of not only the night, but the daytime too.

Ghosts are only shadows. There is more than one type of ethereal being.

MeisterWolf is right, humans will be thier own downfall.<br />
<br />
And if they aren't, then they will evolve. it's in thier genes, they were made this way. if they stop evolving, they start warring. thin the herd, the strong survive. And we, we will always be around as long as there are bodies for us to inhabit. if there are no bodies then we'll make them again. The only thing we ever need fear is a end to physical existance. Everything else, the humans, this society, we need to sit and watch and work on it from the inside when we can. Wait for it to fall, then pounce. Humans have this thing called 'sleeper' cells'. i'm thinking particularly about the ones in the United States, the militias that are waiting for all hell to break loose any day. Well we clearly don't need to go to thier extremes, however, keeping in contact is a good idea, having allies that you can locate without telecomunications would be a good idea too. Be ready, but it's not really our place to stir s*it up. Besides, aren't you enjoying this era? it's so close to that other time, yet so very very different

wait, ghosts just shadows? are you sure you`ve encountered more than one kind of `ghost`? cause i`ve been around etherial beings that were definatly more than shadows or phantoms. I'm talking things that could react to me. things that attacked me psychically. anyway, off topic , s'ry

i`d kinda like to see what would happen if this were tried. it`d be very bloody, but maybe a new balance would be struck. at the very least the population problem might get helped!

good for you

Honey, you are a human....<br />
you keep avoiding questions, and keep repeating what you said a hundred times already!!!!<br />
you say you dont talk about it much with humans, but apparently you are telling them everything<br />
<br />
<br />
Anyways, wish you the best of luck!

i dont talk about it much with humans

..and that was your answer?<br />
anyhow, it's very clear.

is there anything i can say that will make u doubt more?

heheyouwish..... what have you become?<br />
<br />
and nocturnalwolf, this really is going nowhere. We can go on like this forever, you call me filthy, I call you a filthier lunatic and so on.... but I have one last question for you. a simple yes or no question<br />
Can you shift?

oh and reily maybe u chould do a little reaserch b4 u say that but i dont care

i was talkin to annie

the physical body is projected from an ethereal self. This is not something i do not understand so why do you say you cannot understand it? I was even able to understand it before I was what I have become....

nocturnalwolf, every creature protects itself from things they can't understand. It's not something directly thrust upon humans, it's wider than that. It's "animalistic", an instinct in all beings...<br />
sort of 'law of the jungle'-thing.<br />
and no, we don't just kill things we don't understand. How would science ever go on like that??? Firstly they are studied dear, then they are even protected if they are a real unique creature. If sth means no harm on us, the feeling is reciprocal..

now tell me why would i enlighten a filthy human what we are your kind has shown us that you kill things you cannot understand

so lemme get this straight, someone thinking he/she's a werewolf talking about the fall of Humanity and the Unity of Vampires and Werewolves on EP and being serious about that, asks me if I have a social life???<br />
<br /> serious???? cuz it seems to me it's the other way around!<br />
Things I don't understand? Then enlighten me please...surely, if you can!<br />
<br />
p.s. as for the screw you part...just as I said...sad sad fantasy.<br />

i mean do u even have a social life? do u have anything better to do then to comment on things u cannot understand?

ok ive had enough go screw yourself AnnieGwendolyn

ghosts are not creatures just a shadow of what was once one.

and you keep contradicting yourself, even-though all you've written is one sentence.<br />
<br />
-we are all creatures of god- were I to be a ghost( a hi-tech ghost I must say, I mean a ghost with an EP account? phhurrleaseee!) wouldn't that be a creature of god too?<br />
<br />
sad sad fantasy....

we are all creatures of god but u, u are no one a ghost

Yes, my dear. I am someone who knows nothing. But tell me please, who's the lucky one that knows a bit more than that?<br />
<br />
<br />
We can be Gods and Goddesses in our minds; that still doesn't change what we are.

and u are???? someone who knows nothing?

haha, what jerks! <br />
All I read in here is some HUMANS' comments eagerly awaiting the fall of HUMANITY(=their own kind) cuz they believe they are something else but HUMAN

i respect u for your honor

o i ment respect srry

good answer you now have my trust <br />
if u wonder why i would expect the same from us

not defending them if you were smart you would see im defending you. I know what will happen even if you do ally with a group of my kind and you succeed in killing off the hunters mine will betray yours its the natural order of things and yours will be on the verge of extinction. And thats IF you were somehow able to unite the clans of your kind.

u dont like torture do u<br />
it almost seems like ur defending them

I'm done with this your plan is flawed and you are too predictable. you are boring me.

and threatin to kill there family in front of them

well if they absolutly wont talk then we kill them bam one less hunter and catch another and another till we get one that will talk

of course you're wrong. torture will only make people more creative on how to end their life.and if they have no way to end their life and their will is strong enough they will become numb or pass out. One will only speak if they are weak or defective of course then again a weak hunter is a defective one.

of corse im rite lol

torture will make anyone talk if u do it right

yours were created to create an equal power to mine. We are not to cooperate with yours. It is not a law and some may even befriend a wolf but I will not. Separate but equal is a good way of putting it.

no no no.... that is a good movie though i heard it from a bloodline wereso y would u not be caught undead fightin wt us?

and yes they would probobly rather die but the question is would they rather be tortured than tell?????<br />
yes...I have concrete knowledge of this.<br />
<br />
most are probobly the same but dont mean to point fingers but u guys started it u guys enslaved our kind and we rebeled <br />
<br />
I never enslaved your kind. have you been watching too much underworld? I never enslaved you nor did my brothers and sisters. "Weres" were created by the same for who created us and they are meant to be able to be our equal in battle, since the force that created was not able to destroy us as it wished.

when was the last time u saw the news have u seen what is happening to the world <br />
the world is sick erikacisco she's dying she needs help<br />
and we wont treat hummans as bad as it seems we will

and yes they would probobly rather die but the question is would they rather be tortured than tell?????<br />
<br />
we gotta keep them alive

most are probobly the same but dont mean to point fingers but u guys started it u guys enslaved our kind and we rebeled

There are more hunters these days than there ever has been in the past but there are still around the same number of us. And from what I know a hunter would sooner die than speak their secrets to us. I say lie low and let our numbers subtly rise until we are powerful enough as a whole. I would probably not be caught undead fighting next to a were though personally.

yeah but its nice to make a profit out of it lol

I will kill anythin g if the price is right

they shall suffer greatly

those sons of ******* will kill in cold blood they have no honor

i dont wanna talk about it

but wr u stabbed by a hunter? no offence but ud be dead <br />
i lost a good friend to a hunter

if they wr ud be dead no offence

ive had 1 here then he gave up and left

but the hunters gotta be takin out cause if there knowlege gets out all will go to hell and it will be meadival days all over again and we will have to hide again

maybe we could set a trap capture one and learn what he knows......srry just thinkin out loud

true but with our power combined we shall rise and claim what is ours

hunters are the only reason our populations have not grown to a staggering amount. what makes you think you can get rid of them now?

im just happy humans are going to die....yey


Well I'm a vampire. Are you saying that both vamps and werewolves should get together and take over? I'm all for that!

oh and join i beileve in the rise of werewolves

we cant do anything until we have more of us or else this will all go to hell<br />
but first thing is to get rid of hunters

Hell yes. Lets do it. So whats first?

the humans will be nothing more than cattle