I Am a Psy Vamp

I am a psy vamp, but of an unusual caste. I feed primarily off of latent energy, but can feed off of any energy source. I have the unusual (amongst the psy vamps I have met) ability to process this energy into life energy. Food won't do it for me alone, I need this environmental source.

The problem is that this ability makes me a psionic beacon for all kinds of astral dross. Just tonight I had to deal with a lesser demon. You know, those tall, shadowy, annoying ***** that get up in your face, try to scare you, and drink in your fear energy? I grabbed it, drained it, ripped in half, and devoured its vital core.

It was pretty damn tasty, if I do say so myself.

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10 Responses Nov 22, 2007

Can you elaborate the whole psy vampire a little bit more, please?

i know a spell.. of a sort. that rids the area of these "tall shadows" you describe. i havent had a run-in with them for 6 mounths. tommowro i will have to preforum the ritual again. because i think one might come tonight. meaning the Spell has worn off. Message me, If you Wish to know this spell.

well youarestupid they are attempting to have one even if it is false. Now someone who trolls this place making posts like that are the ones whom need lives. :o

heres a tip all of you people should listen to. <br />
<br />

I reccommend finding your ressonant chord. Find the tempo, tone, pitch, etc. that effect you the most, the ones that makeyou feel like you're going to fly out of your body. or maybe they jsut make you happy or calm. but there's a feeling i gives you. i'm not sure how to universally describe it. butif you can find your musical ressonance and play it when you meditate or dream then you greatly incease your chances of success

Ive been trying astral projection for a while but I just cant get it... any tips please?

Ohhhhhh they are getting more and more frequent. My wife seems to draw them like flies to honey.<br />
<br />
S'okay. They have tasty energy. Sometimes I wonder just where my vibrational rate sits. lol

I can do that somewhat, but not nearly as much as your description. I hope your run-ins with demons aren't frequent; they drain my energy like there's no tomorrow.

Well, with any luck, I can get rid of em soon.

i haven't had to deal with those in a long while, it got to be a big problem so basially i sent them all away, aparantly for good because I haven't been bothered by them since.