Chickitarian Lol!!!!!

I became a vegitartian when i was about 17. i went on a tallship semester at sea program for school and the boat food was absolutely horrible. The cook would make fried grits that came out to be orange (gross!!!!), this nasty super spicy chicken ****, and wat not. lets jus say i hardly ate on the boat lol. Also at times he would make pork and beef which i never ate in my life because i cant stand  the smell of it. it smell rancid when its being cooked. jus simply horrible. each time we would go on land, everyone used to pig out cuz we knew it would be a while b4 we ate real food again lol. bt one of my friend was a complete vegetarian and it always seemed her food was heaven. it was well cooked and smelled nice. I was converted on the spot lol. Ever since then even now i remained a vegetarian. i still eat chicken from time to time bt never fried chicken. i dont like the taste of that either.

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i am totally a vegetarian... but i eat chicken. haha. i can't give up chicken! plus, every time i am around chicken they attack me... so, i don't feel as bad