Not Fair Prices Of Healthy Foods Are So High

When i was a meat eater i remember being able to buy so much for so little. however back then i had high blood pressure and lipid count also was heavier than i care to share. once i made the switch i automatically lost weight but after a certain amount of weight i had to just simple workout and with all the new healthier things in my system more cabbage more tomatoes more fruits etc... I had a jolt of energy and the fat was easier than ever to burn with minimal efforts like dancing about the house. I would tone up and lose more weight. I'm happy with how i feel now compared to how i was when i ate meat. My problem is in south Florida . its insane how publix winn dixie and other popular grocery stores have turned getting veggies and fruits into a very expensive ordeal pushing me to find other places or resources for them.. for a while the lil veggie fruit trucks on the street vendors were awesome better deals always but i guess they too have caught on to the rise in cost and how some things are almost up there as the stores not quite but pricier than normal. WHY WHY is it so easy to buy cheap bread or rice or Meat the fattening things are so cheap carbs sugars and greasy meats. That's exactly what's killing people. heart attacks . obesity. why do you think that is? fast foods aren't the only ones to blame. even the simple local store is making it harder on the average persons budget to get the right foods. NOT FAIR ~!
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Its gross! the animal fasination ! I was one of so i understand ut i hjope in time a lot of people realize whats really going down teh hatch.. its great about you teaching your boy to love fresh fruits and veggies he will get all the vitamins he will ever need from them.. they have healign properties just look at LIME ALONE~!<br />
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mangos are only good if you buy and actually intend to eat not store them... grap tehm buches make mango shakes that you can store.. or slice them and place them in the freezer thats great for future shakes and have a better storage change..<br />
oh and even if youhave loads of mangos you can add tehm to salads on top of a dinner plate with rice seasoning.. or grab a few and sit with your bopy and eat a whole one together then eat the other one:) <br />
got the munchies mango time!.. forget potato chips bowl of sliced mangos mmmmmmmmmmmmm.. how bout 2 each day they do last abotu a week. grab the softer ones to eat right away the firmer ones will last longer.. MUAH good luck stay away from the mean chicken they are only mean cause theyre pissed that their kind are being mass murderd.

HEy halfofme i wish more meat eaters would take a few days off of the meat eating like you are doing that not only saves lives.. it controls your health better..Im happy your finding new sources of foods to eat that aren't all animal..

As Much as i wish i had a green thumb i do believe i don't. i might need practice.. Ive managed to keep alive bamboo and potted vines the flowers died and the cats ate the sprouts of the herbs i wanted to grow. lil KITTIES!~ it would be nice to grow my own cabbage farm and onions potatoes tomato's etc.lmao! the space is rather limited . there isn't an adli here .. I only get the deals in places.. that sell them when things are too ripe or ready to spoil if they don't get rid of it and then they might lower the cost where as the big grocery stores THROW IT ALL IN THE TRASH~! could donate it you don't even know how much can food and produce they toss in a dumpster.. my ex worked in one of them when he told me i was like in shock..waste of FOOD~!