For The Animals

I gave up meat on my 16th birthday after researching the meat industry and the way that they treat the animals. Yes, I know that one person giving up meat won't make a whole lot of difference but for me it's more of a moral conscience issue. How can you eat the flesh of another animal? Why do we, as humans, put ourselves above other species just because we can? As omnivores we have a choice and I think I've the made the right one.
I also understand that people can go further and ask 'So why aren't you a vegan?' 'Why do you wear wool?' 'Why did you kill that fly ;)?' if I believe in animal rights, but I think that there's a point where you have to stop giving things up and start campaigning to make the remaining industries as cruelty-free as possible.
To anyone thinking of becoming vegetarian, I really don't think it's a hard step to take. I eat a lot of Quorn, which I find tastes similar to actual meat, contains less fat and fills you up just as much as meat. I also occassionally eat fish, but that is only because my mum nags me ;). I have only made a few mistakes since I became vegetarian (almost a year ago) and they were accidentally eating sweets that contained gelatine, I felt so guilty haha!
Plus, it is thought that if everyone opted to a vegetarian diet, there would be enough food to feed the whole Earth's population.
So, I'm not going to drone on about all the horrible things that go on behind the scenes of the meat industry, as you only have to have a read of PETA's/any other animal welfare website to see that, I'm just saying that becoming a vegetarian was the right decision for me and that anyone thinking of it should give it a go :).

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1 Response Jul 26, 2010

Thanks :) Yes, I am an animal activist for my area so I sign petitions, fundraise and create awarness in my community about factory farming. Against things like caged chickens, growth hormones etc. xx