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Three days from now marks my three month anniversary of not consuming meat. I must admit my original skepticism in being able to carry on this lifestyle as long as I have so far. I do enjoy the taste of meat, and with all of my family and most of my friends being frequent consumers, I thought it would be difficult to be "that guy".

Everybody who his a vegetarian or vegan has a reason to be so that is unique to them. My personal reasoning stems from my respect for all life and my belief that eating meat for us is uncalled for. Many experts in Anthropology have stated that early humans were indeed herbivores and simple observation can support this. For instance, if we examine the anatomical structure of humans, we see that we weren't endowed with the teeth and claws that carnivores have, to effectively hunt and eat animals. We also possess a unique trait in that we cook our food. Sure, some meat is served raw or rare, but it is often associated with a higher probability of getting ill after consumption. Perhaps the requirement of cooking (killing the bacteria off meat) is a product of the relatively recent introduction of meat to a human diet, and evolution hasn't adapted to that quite yet. These are just casual observations of mine, and I am aware of being incorrect about some things, as I am not an expert.

I really didn't mean to go off on that tangent but that's just what popped up into my mind, when thinking about vegetarianism. My original intention in this story was just to say that switching over to a meat-free lifestyle may seem like a daunting task, but I challenge anyone who is considering it to just try it for a week or two. It just may be way easier to do than you think.
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Yea, I saw a video about that yesterday (the anatomy), if you want to check it out:<br /><br />
scroll down, and there is a funny video about it<br />
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Do you ever get grossed out at the thought that it was a living breathing animal? I am just wondering if I am the only one who pictures it in my head, and gets utterly disgusted.<br />
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