Bacon Sandwiches

I can't even remember what meat feels like but I was recently intrigued by a scientific breakthrough whereby they're growing meat in petri dishes and test tubes so I could have a bacon sandwich and nothing has died.

For me, although I am living proof of the health benefits of vegetarianism, it's the 'nothing has died' bit that's the main point. I've heard about the red meat clogging the colons and the lamb chops making us into schizophrenics but I don't really care. For me it's all about the death. Whilst I beat myself up about the wheat dying to give me fuselli, it's the bolt through the head, razor to the throat brutality of meat that's the problem. I respect that McCows are destroying the environment and producing unhelpful ozone. I concede that the drugs fed to livestock are making us more vulnerable to disease, by proxy. Etc. But, as I say, it's the question of why something should die so's I can have a snack that made me a vegetarian 27 years ago and keeps me one.

I've had meat by mistake. In Europe it's quite hard to make them understand what a vegetarian meal is. Even when I ordered Potato soup it would have meat floating around in it. At work buffets they mix the labels up so's I've occasionally had a piece of ham stuck in my teeth from a quiche that I thought was veggie. It happens. Nowadays I don't make a fuss. My morals are more relative, I am more attuned to human error, and my eyesight is significantly worse.

Would I eat a badger burger that had died in a collision with a Peugeot; on the basis that it was dead already? I wouldn't see the need. But it'd be a different place I'd have to argue from. Would I eat a goat if it was me or it to live? Would I eat the captain if I crashed in the Andes and he was already dead? Probably. But thankfully I only have to make those choices some other time.
CrookedMan CrookedMan
Sep 4, 2010