Cuz I Have No Problems Ruthlessly Killing Plants

I'm a vegetarian and have been for twenty six years and here's my take on the whole hunting thing:   I think that if you are willing to go out and kill your own dinner you have earned the right to eat meat.   If you only eat meat because it comes conveniently killed, chopped and shrink wrapped in you local grocers refrigerated case then you, too, should be a vegetarian.

I think that is one of the biggest problems in our society.   People have so totally lost touch with food and therefore have lost respect for it.    Once we learn to respect our food again, I think that a lot of the health issues connected with our diets will be minimized, health care costs will be reduced and society will be closer to being back in balance with nature.

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6 Responses Mar 23, 2008

mm I don't know if getting a gun and shooting an animal who can't defend itself earns you the right to eat it.

My kids were raised to know the basics about living and dying and raising their own meat and killing it. I was raised a vegetarian. I'm glad my kids know these basics but I just hate eating things with a face. Mox

I agree too. In fact, I find hunting (assuming the hunters are being responsible, not poaching, letting animals suffer needlessly, etc.) to be much more morally sound than the factory farming methods used here in the US. Granted, hunting is still not for me, but for those who do chose to hunt, I'm less bothered by that than I am by people who just pick up 4 lbs. of ground chuck at the grocery. <br />
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You hit it on the head too, when you mention that it's nicely packaged in cellophane. It seems our culture does all it can to help consumers forget those are hacked up body parts displayed so nicely on the little white Styrofoam trays in the shiny, transparent plastic wrap.

I like the way you think AuroraBorealis.

AEIOU... WTF?<br />
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Seriously, I'm not ever going to be a vegitarian. I dislike too many vegitarian things, and like meat way too much.

Hmmm, that's an interesting perspective- to be deserving of eating meat if you go out and kill it yourself. I do agree that people view the animals they eat as just food with the sole purpose of satisfying them and that that is obviously despicable and contributes to the horrifying problems in the industry today. But due to my various other reasons for being a vegetarian, I think that even if they do go out and hunt it themselves, you still shouldn't eat meat.