I became a vegetarian because of animal rights. My parents figured it was a phase as well and my friends! But, their wrong. My sister and i have been one for awhile now.
However, I have these bizarre dreams that i am eating meat and have to throw up. It makes me feel bad! It's so freaky!
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3 Responses Feb 23, 2007

I have had a dream about eating chicken. Somebody had bought me a box of chicken wings and I started eating it, but I realized that I didn't eat meat. I woke up like it was a horror movie. Yuck


Your doing good...leaves more for us hungry folks..maybe the price will go down if you can talk more people into it..!!

i had similar dreams when i first turned vegetarian...well minus the throwing up bit...i think it's because you're so used to just eating it and when you eliminate it from your diet even though you don't really crave it while awake...when you're asleep you're body does...that or it could just be your subconscious...that you'd like to be able to eat it but in reality you don't because you know you'd be harming an innocent animal...either way i don't think you should beat yourself up about it...i mean it is just a dream after all :)