Because I Just Love Animals!

I became a vegeterian on January 3rd of this year (2007). I had eaten meat my whole life. Up until some odd years later I had not given a thought to trying vegetarianism. But I came across a website called I became enraptured with it. I was totally grossed out. I was in shock and I was mad! How could so many things come from hurting poor and innocent animals? My heart was broken from that one site. I joined immediately in November of '06 and finally worked the nerve to drop meat as my New Year's resolution.
    Thankfully, I have stuck to it and I'm never going back to meat! (Me and my sister took this vow) When no one else will stand up for the animals, we will... we will always be there fighting for them.
BlondieTwinTwo BlondieTwinTwo
18-21, F
Mar 7, 2007