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Becoming a veg-head was a surprise to my parents. They hated the fact that I didn't want to eat animals, like normal people.
I turned vegetarian when I was in 8th grade. It's been four years since then and my parents are still hard on me. The reason I
became veg is because I don't want to kill god's creation. If it was right they wouldn't cry at the point of their sacrifice. Animals are
life that should be graced at not laught at and killed. I will be a vegetarian and probably a vegan nxt year becuase it believe it's right.
And healthy, but even if it wasn't I would still do it.

Live long and prosper, GalacticForce
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Good job. I would recommend seeing a nutritionist before going completely vegan. It is very easy to become malnourished or to just eat bad things. A quick session with a nutritionist should put you on the right track, if you wish to become a vegan. Although, in my own philosophical opinion I don't believe that full veganism is the correct way to go. But good luck!

Nobody's "normal" because they're a meat-eater or, to be fair, because they're a vegetarian. But vegetarianism is looked upon as weird, not up to "society's standards," and that's regrettable. I like your reasoning. I'm a vegetarian for health and animal-welfare reasons. And though I like and respect plants, the ones I eat are crops specifically grown for consumption. It's not as heartbreaking to take a lettuce from the ground than it is to slaughter a cow or a chicken, though I would not harm that lettuce if I wasn't hungry for it. As a friend of mine says, we all have to eat something, so I choose to eat what hurts my conscience the least.

My parents think normal is what most people are. Thanks, for your comment. I also love your reasoning. The last sentence.

Leave it to you to have a reasonable answer, it's one of the major reasons I like you as a friend.

Thanks man.
Your'e a good friend!