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I have been a vegetarian on and off.  I lived in countries where it was hard to be just because there were not enough healthy food choices. Then I read a book by Jane Goodall called Harvest of Hope and did more research and I now eat mostly organic. I live in the midwest and though I first felt it was just impossible to find organic free range animals, I have looked around, talked to people and found some.  So now my husband and I enjoy organic, cage free eggs, milk and cheese whenever we want but also turkey and chicken a few times a month because we KNOW they come from a place where they were raised humanely, fed the right food and cared for the way they are supposed to.

In the conclusion, animal treatment and environmental issues are what drives my eating choices.

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I'm a vegetarian because of the inhumane treatment of animals raised for meat, but also because I feel that raising any animal to kill it is wrong. I feel that deer and other wild game is the most humane(excluding bows & arrows) and the fairest. The animals are natural afraid of you, and if you killed it, it wasn't because the animal came to trust you.

After reading your comment i felt you had a very healthy view to food and i agree that all animals should be cared for properly before they are on our dinner table so to speak, thanks for sharing your

The farming practices are what makes me not eat meat and only use certain animal products , people really are ignorant to the suffering of farmed animals .

Yes, I agree, but healthy is good too, no?

im a vegetarian too.. i can't eat meat and fish.. its 7 months now.. thanks for the vege. food im doing good now..

I am very glad that you are finding other foods than meat. I wish that you didn't eat meat at all but I am not here to judge. Thank you for the book idea..Have a great day